How Do I Change My Voicemail Language Back To English?
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Voicemail is potentially one of the most useful services that T-Mobile has developed; it enables customers to get crucial messages even when they are unable to answer their phones or handle incoming calls.

On the other hand, linguistic barriers can occasionally eliminate all of the fun.

There are different occasions during which the set language changes to something else. It’s possible that you just upgraded the software on your phone, and now the greeting that plays when you listen to your voicemail is in a different language.

There could have been an incident when you changed the voicemail language setting to Spanish by mistake.

Whatever the explanation may be, it is very evident that you must switch the language of the voicemail back to English from Spanish. You do not want to use a greeting that is unfamiliar to your contacts, especially your employer or your clients, since this could cause confusion.


Resetting the language setting to English

Dail your device’s voicemail number and feed in your passcode. Then follow these steps:

  • For personal setting, choose option 4 of the main menu
  • Then press 2 for the administration menu.
  • Next, press 1 to select the general option
  • By pressing 5, you can see the option to change the language
  • You can choose English as your language by pushing the key 2
  • Finally, by pressing #, you can confirm your choice.


Change your T mobile’s voicemail setting back to English from Spanish.

To access the options menu of the mailbox, press key 4. Press the same number again to reach the playback option. Then, press 7 to change the language to English.

Changing the language of voicemail in an iPhone

You can create a personalized greeting by choosing the voicemail option in your phone app. It is located in the upper right side phone corner. You will see the “Greeting” option on the upper left side of the phone. By choosing this option, you will see instructions on your screen. Follow that and record your greeting in your choice of language.




How do I change my Android voicemail?

  1. Open the google voice application
  2. Choose the settings option from the upper left corner located in the menu icon
  3. Then tap on the voicemail greeting option of the voicemail section
  4. Record a greeting
  5. Tap on the pause or stop button according to your needs.
  6. Now, use the recording in any way you want.


Does Android have an app for voicemail?

You can access all your voicemails through the VVM app of T-Mobile. There are other phone models also that support VVM.

How to set up a voicemail on your cellular device?

Most phones have a voicemail key through which you can access your voicemail. Alternatively, you can also hold the one key after pressing it. Take action in one of the following ways: If you want to set up a new voicemail box, all you have to do is follow the on-screen steps to generate a password and a greeting. If you already have a voicemail box, it will ask for a password.

How to access your voice mail greeting on your Android?

You can reach your voice messages by holding and pressing the one key on your dial-pad. Most phones also have a small icon like a recorder on this key.

How to access your telephone voice messages

  • Hold the one catch of your telephone to access the voicemail
  • Then, you will be asked to feed in your temporary pin. Usually, it is the last four digits of your phone number.
  • You will soon listen to instructions following which you can create a new secret phrase.
  • Then speak out your name and a greeting to record it
  • You can also reach your voicemail via a landline telephone.

What is the method of checking your telephone voice messages?

  • Simply dial the number of your residence, wait for the automated greeting to play, and then hit the number seven on your keypad when it plays. Or, to put it another way.
  • Please enter your password, followed by the hash symbol (#).
  • Examine the available options, and make sure to follow the instructions. See Hearing the audio messages that have been left on your house telephone to find alternate message options.

How to turn on the voice message option in Metro PCs?

Press one on your keypad to dial your record message on the phone. Another method is to use another telephone to transfer the call to voicemail. You can also listen to new voice messages by pressing the star key on your keyboard. After this, just feed in the password, and the recording will be available.

How to switch on visual sound messages?

  • Activate visual voicemail
  • Choose the voicemail option from the menu in your phone app
  • Tap the Set Up Now button.
  • Create a voice message code word, and when you are finished, touch the Done button.
  • Complete your verification by entering your secret key or pin and then push the Done button
  • Choose between the Custom or Default option. You will get a chance to record another greeting by choosing the custom route.
  • To save your message, use the Done button.

How Do I Remove A Custom Greeting From My iPhone?

If you are making use of a mobile phone, you can access your voicemail by selecting the voicemail option from the available menu options.

You can follow the directions by accessing the voicemail record.

You should delete your current message by pressing the number on your keypad that says “Yes” if you are prompted to do so.

How to obtain the voice mail transcription?

Extracting the voicemail varies with the type of voice mail system used. Therefore, there is no one shoe fits all answer to this. However, you can always call your customer service and request the transcript. Or, download another app that is made for voicemail transcript generation. You can even find services that do the work related to voicemail transcription.


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