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A good voicemail service is still a necessity for many people, even though technology has advanced tremendously in the last few decades. When you’re too busy to answer a phone call, it’s nice to have a voice message ready to go.

That, and the fact that not everyone is particularly adept at texting! We are surprised that Verizon’s voicemail service has been experiencing problems recently. For many of you, Verizon voicemail has been down.

Let’s get to the causes of the problem before we move on to look at the fixes you can use to solve the problem.


What Causes The Verizon Voicemail To Not Work?

As far as our investigation goes, there appears to be no single cause for the problem. Ones to keep an eye on include:

  • It’s because of your phone’s network settings that your voicemail messages aren’t getting through.
  • It’s possible that the application is out of date or has corrupted data. In some cases, the application can be beneficial or detrimental.
  • The new iOS updates can also cause problems with some of your phone’s applications. Users, especially those with an iPhone X, will no longer be able to use the app.

We’ll move on to the solutions now that you have a better grasp of the problem’s nature.


Things To Keep In Mind While Using Verizon Voicemail

Keep in mind the following when attempting to access the following types of Verizon Voicemails:

Verizon Wireless Voice Mail

Calling voice mail on a Verizon Wireless phone is possible in two ways. If you’re using a shortcut key to access your voice mail, the number the phone dials is usually stored in the phone’s settings.

Instead, use the full number on your phone. If the voice mailbox is functioning properly, your greeting will begin playing. Enter your voice mail passcode by pressing the “#” key while the voice mail is playing. Changing the voice mail access number can be done in the phone’s manual if you can access it by dialing the phone number.

Verizon Residential Voice Mail

An access number is required to reach voice mail on a Verizon landline phone. Your Verizon phone’s caller ID will recognize your number if you dial from it. Your phone number is required if you’re calling from a different line. You’ll be prompted for your passcode once the system receives your phone number.

Make sure you have the right phone number. You can always call 888-234-6786 to get online with a Verizon FiOS connection. In the documentation you received, you will find the voice mail access number, but you can also access it by logging into your verizon.com account.

Key Presses Don’t Work

It is possible that the voice mail system does not respond to a cellular or touch-tone phone if the DTMF setting is enabled. DTMF settings send the sound of a button press down the phone’s speakerphone. Listening to the sound, the voice mail system can tell which key you pressed.

By default, phones do not send key press sounds to voice mail when DTMF settings are turned off. In most cases, they can be found in the phone’s Settings menu. Please contact Verizon customer service at *611 or 800-922-0204 for Verizon Wireless if you continue to receive error messages. For Verizon residential customers, call your local customer service.


[FIXED] Verizon voicemail not working

Here are a few fixes you can try if your Verizon Voicemail is not working:

1. Try resetting the phone

The occurrence of a few glitches here and there is one factor that is frequently to blame for the appearance of such strange problems. In most cases, these are not particularly severe and can be eliminated with minimal to no effort at all. The majority of the time, all that is required to fix an issue with your phone is a simple reset, despite the fact that it may appear to be far too easy to ever be successful.

Let’s see what happens if we try to reset your phone completely and see if that helps. To accomplish this, you simply need to press and hold the power button while also pressing the volume down button at the same time.

When you have held the buttons for the appropriate amount of time, the phone will turn itself off automatically. We strongly advise that you give the service another go as soon as it is turned back on to determine whether or not it is operational.

2. Get your voicemail reset

Despite the fact that this procedure more or less serves the same goals as the first one, carrying it out is significantly more complicated. Because of this, our recommendation is that you hand it over to someone who is more qualified to handle it. Calling Verizon and requesting that they reset your voicemail is really all that is required of you at this point.

When they have finished doing so, the following step is to force the changes to take effect by performing a factory reset on the phone. After that, you will have to enter the set-up menu once more by dialing *86 and navigating through it. After you have finished doing this, everything should be back to how it was before.

3. Try changing your password

Change your voicemail password if you are still having problems with authorization on your Verizon voicemail. This is the next step you can take if you are still having problems with your voicemail. This can be accomplished by going to the official website.

After you have updated the password, you should attempt to log back into the service once more. This will, in the vast majority of instances, have put an end to the problem. Using the website provides another option, which is to generate a temporary password for the service you are using.

In some cases, this will also cause the service to start functioning normally again. You have one more option available to you in this section, and that is to use the Verizon application to change the password for your voicemail. This will come more naturally to some people.

4. Toggling airplane mode on and off

Does it not work for you even now? You have reached the point where it is reasonable to begin to consider yourself to be a little bit unlucky. However, there are still a few adjustments that need to be made, and therefore it is not yet time to give up.

In light of the fact that resetting the password didn’t solve the problem, we are going to look into the possibility that there is a problem with the signal. The most straightforward solution to this problem is to simply switch between airplane mode and normal mode. It might be a stretch, but it does have some success!

The result of this action is that your phone will be compelled to make a brand-new connection to the network you are using. This new connection may also have an effect on other aspects of your service, such as the authorization for your voicemail, for example.

When you switch your device into airplane mode, you will, in many instances, be able to establish a connection to your network that is both more stable and reliable than before. Simply put your device into airplane mode, wait at least a minute and a half, and then turn it off again. It is never a waste of time to give something more than one shot if at first, you don’t succeed.

5. Try resetting your network settings

In the following step, we are going to check to see if there is a problem with the settings for your network. As an alternative to manually modifying them, we are going to simply revert them to the previous state that met their requirements. Simply put, doing it in this manner is a lot less work. If you are interested in giving this a shot, the following is what you should do:

To begin, you will need to launch the settings menu, and once that is done, navigate to the “general” section of the menu. Next, you will need to select “reset network settings” after pressing the “reset” button on your device. After you have made that selection, the phone will handle the remaining tasks for you. After everything else is finished, the very last thing to do is to perform a factory reset on the phone.

6. Removing the Visual Voicemail app

This hack solution aided users who were unable to access or use the visual voicemail application. You must first uninstall the Visual Voicemail application from your phone, and then enable Visual Voicemail from the settings to make it work.

  • Uninstall the “Visual Voice Mail” application.
  • Then, open your phone app.
  • On the top right, press the three-dot menu button.
  • Now, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Turn on visual voicemail by tapping Voicemail.

Note that you won’t be able to access this option until you have removed the previous version of the visual voicemail app from your device.

7. Get in touch with Support

Using a landline phone, you can call Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204 or dial *611 from any Verizon device to verify that you have voicemail service.

It’s possible that the voicemail server is to blame if none of the above options have worked for you. You can’t fix it yourself, so you’ll have to get in touch with Verizon to get it taken care of.


How Do You Reset Verizon Voicemail?

A landline phone, a Verizon phone, Verizon.com, or the Verizon app can all reset your Verizon voicemail.

When prompted to begin the process, all you have to say if you call Verizon Customer Service is “Reset voicemail password.”

Resetting Verizon Voicemail on iPhone

The voicemail settings on the iPhone can be customized via a built-in feature. That means you don’t have to contact your phone provider or use third-party software to reset your password. What you need to know:

  • Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone and scroll to the bottom to find the “Phone” option.
  • When you see the green phone icon, click it and navigate to the bottom of the new window.
  • “Change Voicemail Password” should be selected.
  • The action will produce a keypad. Enter your new password, making sure it has between 4 and 10 digits.
  • When you’ve finished the task, press “Done” to save the passcode change.
  • Enter the new passcode to activate it and double-check its accuracy.
  • Then, press the “Done” button.

You can now check your iPhone voicemail with the new password.

Resetting Verizon Voicemail on iPhone

  • From your device’s home screen, select “Messages.”
  • Choose “Start a new conversation.”
  • Enter “611611” into the “Recipients” box.
  • Click “Next.”
  • In the “Enter Message” section, type “VOICEMAIL.”
  • Select “Send.” Depending on your device’s model, the option may also be displayed as “Send SMS.”
  • You should receive a link to the password reset page. Click the link. If you see a warning that this action may result in charges, click “Send” to access the password reset page.
  • Enter “Y” in the “Enter Message” section.
  • “Send” or “Send SMS” should be selected.

This will change your password to the last four digits of your cell phone number.


Does Verizon Voicemail Cost Money?

In order to access your Verizon voicemail, you must have a data plan, which is not included in the free service.

There is a $2.99 monthly fee for Verizon’s Premium Visual Voicemail service, and an additional $2.99 fee for Voicemail to Text if you have an iPhone.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our previous articles on Verizon landline issues, Verizon remote issues, and Verizon WiFi issues.


[FIXED] Verizon No Voicemail Notification:

In spite of the fact that Verizon is one of the best in the business, there have been reports recently of Verizon No Voicemail Notifications. There can be no joy when you expect something important and your device fails to alert you to it.

Having trouble receiving Voicemail notifications on Verizon is a fairly common occurrence these days. We must find a solution to this issue as quickly as possible. Hence, we’ve compiled some of the most effective solutions to your problem. In the end, all you’ll need is this article to get the job done

1. Change Your Phone Settings

It is likely that you are blaming your service provider and not even realizing that your phone settings are to blame. Occasionally, we or our children mistakenly alter our phone’s settings. If you’re not receiving voicemail notifications, the first place you should look is in your phone’s settings.

To avoid having to read yet another article in search of a solution once you’ve entered the “red zone,” you must proceed with extreme caution.

In your phone settings, the first step is to tap on Voicemail, then notifications, and finally, the advanced option. Turn on the notification bell and, if desired, alter the tone of your notifications to better alert you to important events.

2. Check Your Data

There was a Verizon customer who couldn’t receive notifications about his voicemail because his mobile data was down. If your mobile data is turned off, you will most likely not receive your voicemails. Keeping your mobile data is all you need to do to get around this problem.

3. Visit Verizon Store Or Call Them

There is no better place to find answers to Verizon-related problems than at a Verizon store or their customer service department. If you’re still having trouble after trying the methods listed above, consider contacting Verizon customer service. They’ll help you work through your issues.


Verizon: How To Tell If You Left A Voicemail?

Is there a way to tell if you left a message? In this article, we’ll cover a variety of topics related to voicemail, including how to tell if you’ve canceled your Verizon voicemail subscription. And how do you know when you’ve received a voicemail?

After leaving a voicemail on Verizon’s cellular network, you may still believe that he or she has received the message. There is nothing to worry about because Verizon sends a voicemail notification to the person who receives it.

If the person has not chosen to receive notifications, the message will not be displayed to him. It is, therefore, necessary for him to dial *86, listen attentively to the voicemail instructions, select option 4, and then select notification voicemail. You can only use it to call Verizon customer service.

How are Verizon Voicemail Notification Activated Using Cell Phone Settings?

It’s extremely upsetting to discover that you have voicemail in your phone’s voicemail box when you had no idea anyone had left you one. Using your phone’s settings is a simple and convenient way to get it right. Verizon or another cellular network is of no concern to us.

Selecting the phone dial option with the handset icon, dragging the detail drag bar, selecting voicemail settings, and then verifying your voicemail notification are the first steps to take. A voicemail notification can now be sent to your phone.

How to Enable Verizon Call Forwarding?

When a call comes in, you can choose to have it forwarded to a different phone number. Call forwarding is available to Verizon customers at no additional cost. You’ll still be charged the standard per-minute rates. All Verizon customers, regardless of carrier (including Samsung, Apple, LG, Lenovo, and others), can use this process.

1. Enable call forwarding using a mobile device

Call forwarding can be enabled on the mobile phone from which you want to receive calls. This step won’t work unless you’re connected to Verizon’s network.

  • Open Phone app.
  • To redirect incoming phone calls to a specific number, dial *72 followed by the ten-digit number. *72-123-456-7890 is an example.
  • To make a call, press the Call button.
  • To ensure that the call forwarding is working, listen for a message or tone to let you know that it has been done.
  • Call is disconnected.
  • Using a computer, you can enable call forwarding.
  • As an alternative to using your phone, the Verizon website is also available.
  • My Verizon is where you can log in.
  • The Call Forwarding page can be found here.
  • Choose the phone number to which you want to route incoming phone calls.
  • Put in the phone number to which you want incoming calls to be forwarded to.
  • All calls can be forwarded, or only some of them.
  • To save your changes and enable call forwarding, select Update Call Forwarding Status from the drop-down menu.


How To Disable call forwarding on Verizon using a mobile device?

Disabling call forwarding is even simpler than enabling it:

  • Open the Phone app from the phone that has call forwarding turned on.
  • Dial *73.
  • Select the Call option.
  • You will hear a confirmation message or tone indicating that call forwarding is no longer enabled.
  • Disconnect the phone call.

Disable call forwarding using a computer

  • Access My Verizon.
  • Go to the Call Forwarding section.
  • Choose a phone number that has call forwarding enabled.
  • Select the Cancel Call Forwarding option.



Make sure you have voicemail on your Verizon phone and then ask for the voicemail to be reset so you can reactivate it.

Additional options include changing your password on the website or app, turning Airplane mode on and off, or resetting your network settings to see if that helps.


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