Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me
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When it comes to mobile phone service, Verizon is a household name. They provide a wide range of premium services, including calls, internet, audio, and SMS. That is one of the primary reasons people choose Verizon over other carriers.

Furthermore, even within the most distant corners of the U.S, their signal power is unrivaled. Verizon will maintain your connection as long as you are not in the dead of the woods. Users should be able to get their signal from any part of the United States.


Verizon Voicemail Continually Calls Me

Verizon is serious about following their customer service laws, so do not anticipate them to call you all the time. If that happens, you are most likely an identity theft victim, and fraudsters are now trying to call you with your mobile number and pretending to come from Voicemail.

It’s not uncommon for these phishing calls to begin with a recorded message to keep the caller from becoming suspicious. If they fall for the lure, the call is routed to a real person who may ask for personal information.

Fraudsters may easily persuade you that they are calling from Verizon and are attempting to help you, considering that they already have a portion of your personally identifiable information.

It’s critical to determine if you’re a victim of this scam or whether you’ve been receiving calls from Verizon Voicemail many times each day. Once you’ve completed this, scammers will attempt to exploit you.

Ways To Avoid Voicemail From Unknown Sources

Here is how you can avoid voicemail from unknown sources:

Don’t receive the call

If they’re phoning you many times, don’t answer the phone. Contact Verizon customer support to know if there are any issues with your subscription or if you require to be contacted. If all is well, please report such calls.

Some hacker organisation may have gotten access to your Verizon profile and changed certain settings to make you assume there is a legitimate issue with your Verizon subscription. To keep fraudsters out of your Verizon account, you must change those settings and update your Verizon login credentials.

In addition to rectifying the issue, Verizon will also be able to reconfigure your subscription to prevent additional unauthorised access and resolve any difficulties that may have arisen.

Safeguard your financial and personal information

When you get a call from any of these scammers, expect to be asked for private or financial information, including your credit card number, in order to revive your account. Various justifications are possible, such as the necessity to update your credit card information in the company’s records or a special deal that you must take advantage of in order to sign up for the service.

If Verizon phones you, you should be aware that they will not ask you for private details over the call. If someone has hacked into your Verizon profile, they already have your credit card’s final four digits, your birth date and your membership number. You must not, however, reveal any of these details when you’re on the phone.

That is something you should be alert of and disclose to Verizon right away. Your private details may be utilised to take your money or participate in other illegal conduct which might get you in severe trouble.

Staying Safe

To prevent these calls, take the required precautionary actions as soon as possible if you are confident that a fraudulent call has revealed your personal information to hackers. You must change all of your Verizon account login details.

If you don’t recognise any of the payments on your account, contact your bank immediately so that they can resolve the issue before it is too late. Furthermore, you should alert Verizon of the issue so that they may take appropriate actions to avoid future contact from such individuals and perform a serious inspection to arrive at a solution. If you utilise an identity protection service, you can prevent scams.


Voicemail deactivation on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

The first attempt to delete voicemail on your phone occurs just at the Operational System level. On certain Android phones, you could be able to deactivate voicemail straight from the Phone app.

  • The technique is straightforward and may be finished in a few mouse clicks.
  • Tap the Phone app and choose the three-dot menu, then Settings.
  • To start, go to Voice message > Advanced Setting > Setup.

Voicemail Deactivation on Verizon

Verizon offers a number of different voicemail options, such as basic visual and premium visual. Some forms of voicemail might even cost money monthly, making their removal even more critical. To disable voicemail on Verizon, contact customer service at 1-800-922-0204 and urge that it be disabled.

Disabling voicemail on AT&T

To disable voicemail on AT&T, dial 611 from your AT&T phone or 1-800-331-0500 from another phone to contact customer service. You may then deactivate voicemail and delete your inbox.

Voicemail deactivation on Sprint

To turn off voicemail, call Sprint customer service. You may reach Sprint by dialling *2.  From any available phone, call 888-211-4727. To speed up the process, keep your account information accessible before connecting with a representative.

Disabling voicemail on T-Mobile

Call 611 using your T-Mobile phone to call customer service and get the voicemail feature deactivated. You may also contact T-Mobile at 1-877-453-1304 from whatever line available and request that your mailbox be deactivated.


How to Prevent Fraud Callers from Leaving A Message

One of the primary drawbacks of owning a smartphone is having to deal with unwanted phone calls. These bothersome interruptions may come from a number of locations, including spammers, fraudsters, and charities. Attempting to put a halt to the attempts to call after they have been made is akin to locking the gates after the horses have escaped.

Furthermore, blocking numbers just keeps your device from ringing. Despite this, it’s not unusual for them to leave a voicemail. Do you have any suggestions about how to avoid this?

Use Google Assistant to Screen Spam Calls

You could use Google Assistant, Google’s ai powered assistant, to determine if a call is fraud or something you should answer to. You’ll likely need to have a Google Pixel Phone that’s at minimum one generation newer to utilise this function. You never know, however.

Check that your phone is running the most current version of the app. When you get a phone call, a “Screen call” option should appear. When you press this option, Google Assistant automatically answers the phone and provides you with a legitimate description of what is currently being spoken. If you believe the call is spam, you may ask Google Assistant to remove your phone number from their database and terminate the call by choosing the “Report as spam” button.

Use a Spam Blocking App

While it may seem that there are several Android and iOS applications that filter spam calls, this is not necessarily the case. To begin with, the bulk of them need full access to your cell phone, which includes all of the contacts, call records, messages, and other data.

There are valid reasons for the applications to request some of these rights, but you should consider them hard before giving anybody access to your sensitive data.

And it’s tough to discover an app that really prevents you from hearing unwanted voicemails from such unknown callers.

In reality, they’re mostly simply lists of known nuisance callers that the programme will then start blocking for you, making it just marginally more successful than individually blocking numbers. They will be unable to prevent incoming voicemails.

Install Call Control on Your Phone

However, there is one software that is capable of handling it all. It is possible to block faked and wildcard numbers with Call Control, a call blocking program available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Call Control has a community-provided black list.

With this Android software, spam calls will not be sent to voicemail. However, it is impossible to do the same on iOS. Scam calls, on the contrary hand, will be sent to a separate “Blocked communications” segment, where you may monitor them and decide if you want to react.

To access the voicemail blocking tools that are provided in the free version, you must pay a $29.99 yearly membership fee. This is your safest alternative if you’re ready to invest a bit extra to prevent annoying voicemails.

Request that your network provider restrict spam calls

Despite the fact that it is the primary responsibility of your cell phone provider to address this issue, most of them have done a poor job of doing so. Your usage may vary significantly depending on the carrier you choose. To make things worse, in exchange for them to do their tasks, you will likely be expected to pay extra each month in addition to your current subscription.

AT&T now offers the best spam-blocking technologies in the marketplace, but they are not perfect. Call Protect Plus, which costs $3.99 per month, allows you to block calls from various sources and choose whether they are sent to voicemail or are not able to contact your phone.

Sprint, in contrast, asks $2.99 for a basic warning that a phone call is most likely spam. There is no way to prevent receiving or stopping a voicemail.

T-Mobile utilises a free tool called Scam Filter to block unsolicited calls and voice messages, and it works effectively. You may use your mobile phone to activate it by calling #662#. However, since there is no public whitelist, coverage may be less dependable than desired.

With Verizon’s free spam filtering service, your voicemail will continue to accept calls. You may flag the calls as spam to prevent them from being utilized against yourself or anyone else using these services.


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