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We sure do love the selection of iPhone colors but have you ever considered a transparent unit? Well, a fan has brought that to reality, giving us an idea of what iPhones would look like without their colorful cases.

I created the first entirely transparent iPhone 14 without MagSafe
by u/corndoggarcons in iphone

User u/corndoggarcons shared the creation on a thread on Reddit, revealing an iPhone with a purely transparent back. This gives you a view of the different essential components of the unit without the MagSafe. In the post, u/corndoggarcons mentioned the growing popularity of the transparent design of Nothing Phone and shared how he managed to put a custom machined back glass on an iPhone 14.

“The 14 is the first iPhone since the 4S to have a replaceable glass back, but I found out the flash flex cable is software paired to the phone so a user replaced back gets disabled which is still pretty anti-repair,” u/corndoggarcons noted. “Thankfully I was able to carefully trim the original cable from the wireless coil and peel it off onto the new back successfully. I’ve been using it for a week now and everything (except MagSafe ofc) is fully functional! With transparent tech on the rise like the Nothing Phone and even Apple dipping in with the new Beats, the 14 back redesign came at a perfect time for me to make the phone I’ve always wanted.”

As stressed by u/corndoggarcons, this is not the first time someone tried to put a transparent back case on an iPhone. Months ago, YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru also shared their own version of the transparent iPhone 14. However, unlike u/corndoggarcons’ creation, this one comes with a MagSafe, obscuring the unit’s A15 and battery.

Others complimented the work and expressed interest in getting such a design in case Apple considered producing it in the future. Unfortunately, with Apple’s challenger Nothing Phone trying to build its own brand around the concept of transparent devices, it is highly unlikely that Apple will give us an iPhone like this.

Nonetheless, what do you think of this transparent iPhone 14? Let us know in the comment section!


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