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Apple has another ad clip on YouTube featuring the long battery life of its iPhone 14 Plus. The ad came a month after Google’s ad mocking the battery performance of iPhone 14 in its own Pixel ad.

In July, Google posted a series of YouTube clips featuring iPhone 14 and Pixel. The search giant tried to compare the features and performances of both units, with one of the clips boasting Pixel’s wireless Battery Share charging feature and seemingly mocking iPhone 14’s short battery life. After a month, it seems Apple has responded with a short and simple ad on YouTube.

Titled “Battery for Miles,” the new minute-long ad video features a man riding a tractor traveling a long, straight road. There’s no dialogue from the man, but the iPhone 14 mounted in front of the man can later be heard saying, “In 102 miles, continue straight.” Apple then ends the ad, noting: “Our longest lasting battery life ever. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Plus.” Unfortunately, while the ad looks impressive, some might negate it, especially with the recent reports claiming that Apple’s iOS 16.5.1 update has been causing excessive battery issues on iPhones.

The ad is part of the Cupertino company’s move to continuously build the image of its iPhone 14 series as it continues to maintain its position in the smartphone market. According to the latest Stat Counter data in June, Apple remains the leading mobile vendor worldwide, with a 28.44% market share. Google, unfortunately, didn’t even make it on the list of the biggest players in the market.

graph of Wave7 Research report shared by JPMorgan Chase in June

The new ad is also a good indication of Apple’s move to further promote the iPhone 14 Plus. According to a Wave7 Research report shared by JPMorgan Chase in June, iPhone 14 Plus had the smallest part in the overall iPhone market share of the major carriers in the US in April. In the report, the standard iPhone 14 accumulated a 19% market share among US carriers. The list was followed by iPhone 14 Pro Max at 18%, iPhone 14 Pro at 15%, and iPhone 14 Plus at last at 7%.


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