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Chrome has just got smarter with a new capability rolled out by Google this week. According to the search giant, iOS and Android versions of Chrome will now be able to detect misspelled website addresses typed in the URL box, which will be followed by suggestions to help users have instant access to the places they really want to go to.

Apple announced the change on Tuesday, which started as a promise earlier this year after the ability was rolled out to Chrome for the web. This could be a huge help for people who usually encounter issues typing website addresses in the URL bar due to different reasons, including vision problems and more. Even more, this should prevent users from entering places they actually don’t want to visit.

This will add to the autocomplete suggestion already present in the Chrome browser, making it easier for users to realize that they are entering the wrong letters for addresses. According to Google, the suggestions that will be presented will be based on the previous places the users visited.

Alongside this improvement, Google also introduced four other Chrome address bar-related updates, including URL autocompletion based on any word you’ve previously used to search for a website, search capability within bookmark folders via Chrome address bar, popular site suggestions, and an improved visual layout.


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