What is com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub?

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com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub is the package name for Samsung Wearable Manager Installer. If you had randomly been scrolling through your Applications list on your device and came across the app/package name com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub, it simply means that the package belongs to the application Wearable Manager Installer.

This brings us to the question, what is the Wearable Manager Installer?

What is Wearable Manager Installer?

Wearable Manager Installer is the application developed by Samsung that aims to help the application users manage all their Samsung wearables from one place. When you use Wearable Manager Installer, you can manage all of your Samsung wearables from one convenient location.

All you have to do to take advantage of the various tools available on the Wearable Manager Installer is connect each device to the computer through Bluetooth. In a matter of seconds, you can access a plethora of options for getting the most out of any individual device.

Wearable Manager Installer allows you to quickly and conveniently attach each Samsung gadget to your smartphone, as well as manage notifications, search for devices, and download necessary software upgrades.

Wearable Manager Installer allows you to manage a wide range of wearables, including the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear S2, Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 Pro, and Gear IconX, among others. The Smart Watch Management Tool is a time-saving management tool that can be used to manage smart watches and other wearable technology.


Is com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub a malware or virus?

No, com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub is not a virus or malware. It is a Samsung developed package that contains the popular Wearable Manager Installer (described above). Since the package is developed by Samsung itself, it is proof enough that the package does not contain any virus or malware.

However, we must not completely obliterate the possibility that there could be a virus or malware posing as com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub if you have recently come across the package on your device (and it was not there before). It is legit for a person to think com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub could pose serious threats in case it is a virus posing as the package. This is very possible if the user uses pirated downloads, visits unsafe websites, etc., on their device.

To verify if the com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub package is the one developed by Samsung or a malware or virus posing as Wearable Manager Installer, you can run a virus check on the package to check its legitimacy.

How to scan com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub to check if it’s safe?

There are numerous reliable antivirus choices accessible in the Google Play Store. Running a malware scan on Android isn’t much different than it is on a Windows machine. Here are two applications you can use to scan com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub for safety.

1.    Metadefender

You can upload an APK file to Metadefender and have it scanned by a number of antivirus engines before installing the software on your device. Although each individual file will be extracted so that it can be scanned individually, a complete scan of the entire APK file will also be performed as well. By dragging and dropping files into the relevant spot, a report may be generated in a matter of seconds, saving you time and money.

In addition to being accessible via a computer, Metadefender may also be used to scan files on an Android phone via the Google Play Store. If you don’t have an app for your phone, you can still get the information using the web browser.

Metadefender can be used to scan IP addresses, URLs, and other types of data in addition to APKs. So, if you ever have any reservations about something you’ve read or seen on the internet, this is a useful resource to have on hand.

2.    VirusTotal

Anti-virus software such as VirusTotal is another option that operates in a similar way to the prior one. It performs an analysis of your APK files and assists in the detection of any viruses or malware that may be present.

The service is simple to use: simply upload your files and check to see whether they are free of bugs. As an alternative, you can use VirusTotal to verify URLs by copying and pasting them, or you can use the search tool to check IP addresses, domains, or file hashes.

In addition to the desktop version, VirusTotal is also accessible as a mobile application, albeit its functionality is limited to scanning only the programmes that have already been installed on your device. It is available for free download from the Google Play Store.


On which devices is com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub available?

Samsung developed package com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub can be downloaded on multiple devices and the availability of the package is not exclusive to Samsung devices. The reason behind this is the fact that Wearable Watch Manager can be installed on myriad devices of brands, other than Samsung since Samsung Wearables can also be used by individuals who do not necessarily use Samsung devices.


How to find the package name of an Android App?

Package names can often be confusing when it comes to figuring out which apps belong to which packages. However, there are a few methods you can use to determine the package name of an application. These are the following methods:

Method 1: Using AAPT with the APK file

If you already have the APK on your computer, you can use AAPT to find out what package the APK is in. In the Android SDK, AAPT is a command-line utility that may be used to do various tasks. If you’re using Windows, open a command prompt and type aapt.exe dump badging [path-to-apk]; if you’re using a Mac or Linux, type aapt dump badging [path-to-apk] to complete the process.

It’s important to note that [path-to-apk] should be replaced with the whole path to the APK file on your computer. Although a great deal of information about the APK file will be presented, near the top of the page will be a section that says something like package: name=’org.xbmc.kodi’.

Method 2: Using ADB if the app is already installed

If the app is already loaded on your Fire TV or other Android device, you can execute a shell command that displays a list of all the apps installed on your device, along with their package names. To begin, establish an ADB connection to your device and run the command adb shell pm list packages -3 -f. This will display a list of all the apps you’ve installed on the device. To view a list of all applications, including system applications, use the command adb shell pm list packages -f instead. Each line of the displayed app list will conclude with the package name of the app.

For instance, the line package:/data/app/org.xbmc.kodi-1/base.apk=org.xbmc.kodi is for Kodi. The package name should be sufficiently descriptive to allow you to quickly identify the application you’re looking for.

Method 3: Using the App Store URL or Page

Depending on where you are downloading the app from, the package name may appear in the URL or on the page where you are downloading the programme. When an app is downloaded from the Google Play Store, the package name of the programme is included in the URL following the text id=.

The “Manufacturer reference” label on Amazon’s appstore was previously displayed as the package name of the app. When you access Amazon’s API for product information about an app, the package name is also listed as the “Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).” Although the methods described above are guaranteed to return the package name of a programme, the app store page may also contain the information.


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