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There are lots of things that Apple has changed in iOS 17, and that includes the default push notification sound that affects third-party apps.

Getting the iOS 17 update will change the alert sound of your device. Apple has changed it from the former “Tri-tone” to “Rebound.” This should be a huge adjustment for many, especially with some users noting how softer its sound and vibration are, making it harder to notice some notifications from the apps.

There are new tones Apple has injected in iOS 17 that users can apply for different alerts, such as calls, texts, and voicemails. Unfortunately, the Rebound sound couldn’t be changed for third-party apps without their own custom sounds. Their volumes are also unchangeable, making users stuck with the ringtone and volume Apple has set for iOS 17.0.

Some of the apps the new tone will affect include those without custom sounds for push notifications, including Facebook and X.

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