[FIXED] The number you have dialed has calling restrictions

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When you make a call on Verizon and end up receiving an error that says “calls cannot be completed because there are restrictions on this line,” the problem is typically not as terrible as you might imagine it to be in those situations.

The fact that you are seeing this warning is unfortunate, and there are several potential causes for it; nonetheless, resolving the issue should not be difficult in at least 90 percent of instances.

In the following article, we will discuss the primary contributors to the issue, as well as the solutions to the problem. In this way, we will be able to restore normal operations as quickly as possible.


[FIXED] The number you have dialed has calling restrictions

Following are a few reasons and fixes for solving the error “the number you have dialed has calling restrictions”:

1. A Wrong Number

A mistake could be made while taking this number down, even though most of the numbers you’ll be dialing are already saved in your phone. For this reason, the first thing we’d recommend is that you double-check your phone number to make sure it is correct.

You won’t be able to reach a stranger if you dial the wrong number a lot of the time. Instead, you’re likely to be redirected to the error message you keep getting on the Verizon network. Move on to the following stage if everything is in order after the last inspection.

2. An Incorrect Area Code

If you’re calling a foreign number, there’s a potential that the number you’ve dialed is right, but the prefix is incorrect. So, the only thing left to do if this applies to you is to check it again.

Despite the fact that many newer cellphones will automatically append the prefix for you, this is not yet widely acknowledged as a standard. Furthermore, the number of landlines that automatically fill in this information is low. A final stumbling block is also relevant to your strategy.

If you’re on one of the cheapest plans, you may not be able to make international phone calls. Rather than receiving a more particular error notice, you will receive the same one.

3. Check if Your Plan Has Restrictions on Certain Numbers

You may not be able to call premium rates and other similar numbers because there are so many businesses and organizations using these types of numbers. It’s important to remember that these limitations are in place just to keep you from going over your credit card bill limit.

This situation necessitates contacting Verizon directly so that they can tell you whether or not your plan is feasible. You shouldn’t panic just yet if this doesn’t turn out to be the root of the problem.

There are a few more tricks up our sleeves. How useful these recommendations are depending on whether you are using a landline or cell phone to call.

4. Tips for Calling on Mobile

If you’ve tried everything else and you’re calling from a mobile phone, you should try this first. It’s critical to determine if this is an issue with a single number you’re calling or if it occurs with each and every one.

Next, you should see if your phone plan is topped up and if you have permission to call the number you can’t get through. In order to keep you from spending too much money too rapidly, there may be restrictions on select overseas numbers and premium services.

It’s time to look into whether there’s a more serious issue at play if these issues persist across all of the numbers you’re trying to attain. If that’s the case, the advice that follows is tailored to meet your individual requirements.

5. Try Restarting the Phone

When troubleshooting a computer problem, it’s always a good idea to start with the basics. Even though a restart is the simplest option, don’t let that deceive you into thinking it would never work.

90% of the time, this is going to be successful. Rebooting the computer clears out any flaws that have built up over time and brings everything back up to date. To put it another way, this should be your first stop.

6. Have a Look at Your Network Settings

Some of your network settings may have deteriorated over time, affecting the performance of your phone. Fortunately, undoing this is a piece of cake.

Restoring them to their original state is as simple as performing a factory reset. Auto-selection should be turned on as well. There is no need to keep manually logging into the network. It will automatically locate the optimal tower to connect to.

7. Get in Touch with Verizon

You’re out of luck if none of the preceding measures have worked for you if you’re utilizing a mobile device. But the good news is that Verizon is known for its exceptional customer service.

You may expect to have a good encounter with a company since they will do everything they can to keep their reputation intact. In addition, contacting them is a breeze thanks to their helpful customer service representatives.

You can reach them via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. In most cases, the issue is with your package and may be easily resolved by them.

8. Trouble Calling from a Landline

This topic has been addressed extensively for mobile users, thus it is only fair that we also address how to manage it when using a landline. You’re unlikely to be able to solve it yourself, but there are a few things you may try before contacting Verizon for help.

Doing these things is generally a good idea, so at the very least it will save you a little time. Make sure you don’t get the identical message on every phone number you dial before moving on.

If the issue is isolated to a single phone number, your service may be forced to restrict access to that number. Either that or the person you’re trying to contact has blocked you.

It’s a little more complicated if you’ve been blacklisted on more than one phone number. You shouldn’t be surprised if it takes up to 24 hours for your Verizon service to begin working after you activate your account.

So, for now, there’s nothing to be concerned about. To be honest, there isn’t much you can do to address the issue if you aren’t a first-time user. Calling customer service is the only option that makes any sense.



What are Call Restrictions?

As a part of the call blocking service, the call limits are available. Call limits refer to the ability to limit outgoing calls to specified phone numbers, more precisely to prevent calls from specific numbers from being placed.

A call limitation service can be used on any mobile phone to control incoming and outgoing calls. Restrictions on the number of calls that can be made are a paid option offered by some telephone service providers.

What is Call Barring?

Incoming and outgoing calls can be banned using this function. When incoming calls are barred, they cannot be answered (in some cases, it can block only specified numbers). This also has the potential to stop someone from making international phone calls, as well.

The call barring service settings can be changed to suit your needs. Incoming and outgoing calls can be forwarded and restricted, as well as the ability to block numbers and caller ID.

What Does Calling Restrictions Mean? – Does It Mean Block?

Restrictions on calls and call-blocking services are two fundamentally different concepts. Incoming and outgoing calls are controlled by the call limitation service, while outgoing calls can be blocked by the call blocking service.

It’s not possible to tell for sure whether you’ve been blocked, but call limitations will tell you when you’re trying to reach someone who is not answering. Call limitations and blocking are not the same thing, and they are not interchangeable.

When Does It Say This Call Cannot Be Completed Because There Are Restrictions?

When is it said that this call cannot be completed due to restrictions?

This specific error message indicates that the number phoned has been blocked by the caller, that the number cannot access sensitive information, or that the number is an outgoing service provider number.

There may be a problem with the number you are dialing if this warning appears during dialing. One of the most common reasons for this problem is entering the wrong numbers.

You may not be permitted to call that area if the number you entered is correct but you are still getting the error message. A call-blocking function on that phone number may also cause you to receive this error message. If so, you’ll need to check your phone’s call barring settings to fix the problem.

How to Know if Someone has blocked my number?

It is possible to receive notifications that will tell you if you have been blocked or not. Blocking your phone number is indicated by notice messages such as “Messages not being sent,” however the same notifications can appear if your call credit has run out.

Try calling the individual again. If you get a busy tone or voicemail, it’s possible that they’ve blocked your number.

Can I Dial On a Phone That Has Blocked My Number?

It’s illegal to call a phone that has blocked your number unless the user unblocks it first. Even if your phone is blocked, you can still use it to make a call if you put the prefix *67 before the phone number you want to dial. It is possible to hide your phone number with this free service. On caller ID, this will show up as an Unknown Number or an Anonymous, Private or Blocked Number.

Does Flight Mode Restrict Calls?

Airplane mode prevents the phone’s ability to connect to a mobile phone network, Wi-Fi network, or Bluetooth connection when activated. If you don’t have access to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, you can’t make or receive calls or texts. So, you won’t be able to receive or make phone calls when in flight mode.

How Could I Turn Off Call Restrictions on My Phone?

Navigate to Settings > Call Settings > Call Barring > Additional Settings to disable call limitations on your phone. The call limitations can be turned on or off from here.


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