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Apple recently collaborated with the South Korean girl group NewJeans to create a music video for their new single “ETA.” The description says the entire video was shot using the iPhone 14 Pro, but a specific shot from the music video makes some individuals believe that a “foldable” iPhone was also used.

The speculation starts with a scene in the music video (from 1:55 to 2:07) showing the girls holding an iPhone to film themselves using its front camera. However, in the scene, the phone’s lower half can be seen. And given that it won’t be possible since the iPhone 14 uses a conventional form factor, some assumed that the scene was probably shot using a foldable unit from Apple.

One individual brought the theory to Reddit, saying it seems possible since the whole ad is focused on iPhones. However, many dismissed the idea, stressing Apple won’t tease a new creation with a simple advertisement. 

Meanwhile, others stated that the scene was just made using another iPhone 14 Pro unit, giving clarity to the shot’s perspective. To recall, Apple also posted a separate clip showing the making of the music video.

“The other device is also an iPhone as the entire MV was shot using an iPhone 14 Pro,” commented a user. “Obviously, there will be people who don’t believe it, but it’s clear the production crew can use additional hardware/lenses and edit the video post-recording but at the end of the day the raw footage was taken on the iPhone 14 Pro.”

“Like everyone else is saying, there’s no way Apple is showing a new product this way,” added another user. “But besides that, at 2:48 the fine print says additional hardware used. It’s just a camera pointed at them with her holding a phone up under it.”

So, is it really a tease of the foldable iPhone we are all waiting for? As much as we love to say yes, there is zero chance Apple will expose such a huge product in this manner… even if it is just a prototype. And knowing Apple’s reputation for making us salivate over its new offerings, such an argument is hard to deny. Moreover, there are still no reports hinting at the start of the foldable phone’s development. And if Apple is actually doing it now in secrecy, experts say it will still be years before Apple’s foldable iPhones hit the stores, with 2025 reportedly being the earliest.


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