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In a new video posted on YouTube, the company shared an imaginative story featuring Huracán Ramírez fighting an “evil piñata.” And while it is fun, the main highlight of the clip is the film creation itself, which Apple says made entirely using its own iPhone 14 Pro smartphone.

iPhone 15 is expected to arrive in September, but Apple won’t let the excitement for its new upcoming line completely overshadow the value of iPhone 14. With this, the company tries to boost the image of its current flagship series by creating a short film entirely using an iPhone 14 Pro.

Titled “Huracán Ramírez vs. La Piñata Enchilada,” the short film brings back life to the famous Mexican fictitious character battling “a terrible threat” spreading chaos across Mexico. The Cupertino company enlisted director couple Tania Verduzco and Adrián Pérez to create the movie.

There is also a separate clip detailing the making of the short film, with the duo sharing how effective the iPhone 14 Pro is as a filmmaking tool. The directors also underscored the versatility of the unit, which comes with a handful of video-dedicated features, including Macro shooting, Cinematic mode, and Motion mode.

“You can grab the camera, use it like a Steadicam,” Verduzco says. “Not worrying about the terrain. It’s a huge advantage in being able to tell a story.”

“Cinematic mode is really the star on the iPhone 14,” Pérez adds. “It makes you suddenly forget that you are holding a phone.”

The short film follows a separate clip posted for Apple’s Turkey YouTube channel. The clip also used iPhone 14 Pro in filming action-packed scenes featuring Turkey’s Istanbul streets and Grand Bazaar. The video also highlighted the different iPhone 14 Pro features used in filming the scenes, with a focus on the phone’s 240fps in slow motion mode, 4K, and smooth background-foreground shifting.


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