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South Korean girl group NewJeans has just released their official music video for their new single “ETA.” What’s interesting about the entire video, nonetheless, is that it is completely shot using iPhone 14 Pro.

The new video was posted a day ago but already has 6.4 million views as of writing. According to the video description, the video “was entirely shot on iPhone 14 Pro.”

Apple also posted a shorter version of the clip on its own Apple Korea page on YouTube. It is an interesting version as it shows how the phone was used during the filming of the music video. The clip is from the perspective of another camera showing the bumpy movement of the cameraman holding the iPhone 14 Pro while filming. Despite this, the ad clip boasts the power of iPhone’s Action Mode, allowing users to produce perfectly stabilized videos using their phones.

Meanwhile, the video gives the iPhone 14 Pro sufficient screen time, making the girl band’s entire MV almost an ad completely for Apple. This is unsurprising, though, since the page says the video was made in collaboration with Apple.

This is not the first time the Cupertino company has collaborated with celebrities to promote its products. Nonetheless, spotting Apple’s iPhone play a significant part in an official music video proves that the tech giant is exploring new strategies to better endorse its brand.

Prior to this video, Apple also released other ad clips featuring the iPhone 14 Pro. In June, it posted a clip on its Turkey page on YouTube showing an action-filled ad that employed iPhone 14 Pro’s Macro shooting, Cinematic mode, and Motion mode. The company also published a short Mexican film video of Huracán Ramírez fighting an “evil piñata,” which was directed by director couple Tania Verduzco and Adrián Pérez.

The new ads have surfaced as the company prepares for the release of its new iPhone 15 line. It shows the company’s continuous dedication to its current flagship series, which is continuously gaining popularity globally. However, Apple is in tight competition with Samsung in the Asian market. According to the latest StatCounter data in July, Apple and Samsung have almost the same vendor market share in the continent. Samsung currently leads the competition at 19.4%, followed by Apple at 19.35%. This probably explains why the iPhone company goes as far as creating a music video for an iPhone ad… well, I mean a Korean girl group.


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