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France has finally approved the iOS update Apple submitted to end the country’s radiation concerns.

Reuters reports:

French authorities said on Friday they had approved Apple’s AAPL.O software update of its iPhone 12 after a row over radiation levels of the device, which led France to suspend sales of the phones earlier this month.

No other details of the approval have been shared, but it suggests that the iPhone 12 ban in the country should now be lifted. Apple is no longer selling the iPhone 12 after it was pushed down the product lineup with the entrance of the iPhone 15 series. Nonetheless, it is still available in third-party outlets. 

The purchase ban of the iPhone 12 in France happened when the public administrative establishment Agence Nationale des Fr√©quences (ANFR) claimed that the phone exceeded the legal radiation exposure limits. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the “radiation” claim involving the issue only pertains to radio-frequency radiation. The World Health Organisation itself also found no clear evidence of mobile phones causing any adverse health effects on users, supporting different studies conducted over the past two decades by other researchers. Hence, France’s radiation claims and results are based on its own standards and tests.

Despite this, France requested an update from Apple, adding a product recall could happen if Apple failed to meet the demand. The iPhone maker denied the accusations but promised to deliver an update, which it said was only meant to meet the “specific testing protocol used by French regulators.”

Now that the update is approved, Apple is expected to roll it out to all iPhone 12 in the country. However, it is currently unknown if the company will also implement in other EU countries (Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy) that are voicing the same concerns since France was the only country that tested it.


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