How to Get an Extension on My Metro PCS Bill?
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Metro PCS claims that because of the latest edition of the Metro PCS Software for Android, qualifying users can now utilize the tool to seek a payment extension if they have been suspended. This extension, although, is just for 48 hours.

It would be best if you waited until your cell phone was disabled to receive a 48-hour extension. When that happens, call the Metro customer support using another Metro phone and explain your situation. Another option is to go to just about any Metro store for assistance.


What Is the Purpose of the Extension?

You can pay the Metro PCS bill in a variety of ways. These involve payment via myMetro, in-store, and perhaps even the AutoPay method, where Metro automatically utilizes the saved transaction method to withdraw money from your account.

However, there might be circumstances that make it difficult for you to pay your bill. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed due to occurrences in your day-to-day life and forget about the payment. Or you’re not in the economic condition to have money to spare. In such cases, a payment extension is beneficial.

Thankfully,  Metro PCS bills can be paid in installments. Many people, for example, split the costs and pay half the entire payment at the start of the billing period and another half near the deadline. Metro also does not have a minimum payment requirement, and you may spend how much you can spare at the time. 

Keep in mind that Metro has established deadlines that cannot be modified. This implies that the service will be temporarily halted if you fail to pay your bills on time. Although, if your service is terminated, you can modify your deadline after you complete the payment.


Payment Instructions

If you have successfully obtained a phone extension, you must remember to pay the bills or risk having your cell phone irreversibly disconnected. Listed below are the different ways through which you can complete the payment:

  • Your account

Using your phone or PC, log into your Metro account. From there, you can pay the bill using your preferred payment method, such as your credit card. The method doesn’t require the installation of any apps. All you need is your login credentials. 

  • MyMetro

This requires the usage of a mobile application. It is available to everyone on Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded. Once you have the app, log in and make the payment. You can also use the app to opt for the automatic payment feature. 

  • Payment via phone

If you don’t have access to the internet, call *99 using your Metro PCS contact number. If your services have been temporarily disconnected due to late bill payment, call dial 1-888-8metro8 using a non-Metro PCS cell phone. Once the call connects, you’ll be given automated responses to make your payments.

  • Express Pay

Open the Metro PCs website. Click on the “Payment” option at the beginning of the page. This webpage will ask you for your T-Mobile contact number and account information. Depending on your mode of payment, your transaction will be completed shortly.

  • In-Store Payment

For this method, you’ll have to personally visit the Metro PCS store in order to make the payment. The employees there will help you and ensure your services have been restarted. 

Remember that once made, the payment cannot be canceled or refunded, no matter the method you use. Before you close the application or leave the store, make sure that you get a verification code as evidence of a transaction.


What exactly is BillFloat?

BillFloat is a company that operates as a micro-credit service, allowing customers to pay their bills such as TV service, wifi, vehicle lease, phone, residential, and health coverage.

Choose the service provider, and afterward, enter the sum you must deposit for the bill. If authorized, Bill float should cover the payment and allow customers 30 days to repay the amount.

It is pretty simple to get started using BillFloat. Just go on the sign-up page and fill out some info about the payment, such as name, the balance due, the date you would like to pay the bill, and the account information.


What if I fail to pay my metro bill for one month?

If you fail to pay the bill by the deadline, your subscription will be temporarily stopped until you complete the payment. Late payments can cause a reduction in service days monthly. Once you miss two consecutive billing deadlines, your subscription will be terminated, and the contact information could be handed out.

Every suspension is valid for a maximum of 90 days. How would suspending a line affect my bill? While the connection is terminated, you are still obligated to pay your account and your regular phone payment and phone protection costs, if applicable.


Final thoughts

Several things can be done to ensure you complete your payments on time and prevent the hurry that necessitates the need to seek an extension. 

  • Set a reminder

Each month, Metro bills are to be paid on the same day. Keeping this in mind, set up a reminder for the same. To make things easier, choose a day that you will remember effortlessly.

  • Check your messages

Metro PCS conveys payment reminders through text messages before the due date.

In the end, even if you miss out on your payment, just remember to keep a calm mind and follow the steps listed in this guide.


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