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Most of us have to deal with the stress of bill payments as the month’s end approaches. Therefore, it is wise to plan beforehand and start saving. However, there are circumstances where you fall short of money anyway.

One of these situations might have led you to require an extension on your spectrum bill. Therefore, to avoid paying a hefty late bill, you must look at other alternatives. In that case, the good news is that Spectrum has plans allowing installment payments. 

Intrigued to know what these plans are and how they work out? Read this article to learn more!


What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is one of the most used internet provider services in the USA. It has about 28 million residential subscribers, and it provides internet through cables with no data caps to its subscribers. The users of Spectrum are both residential as well as from the business arena.

Some of its services extend to:

  • Internet 
  • Television
  • Home phone
  • Mobile

Spectrum also offers discounts on combinations of different services. You can choose one from their standard offerings or reach out to their customer care to create your own specific plan. When it comes to connectivity in different states or remote areas, Spectrum is everyone’s go-to service provider.

An extension of Charter Communications, Spectrum also comprises Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable under it.


What are these plans, and who are they for?

Understanding that people have various reasons because of which they are unable to pay their bills, Spectrum launched their Spectrum Payment Arrangement feature. By opting for this, customers can still enjoy the benefits of their plan even when they are late on their bill payments.

The main idea is to give customers time to pay their outstanding bills in installments in a budget-friendly manner. To be eligible for this offer, you have two requirements:

  1. You are a Spectrum subscriber
  2. You have subscribed for the monthly bill payment option

Basically, as long as the two requirements are met, when you’re unable to pay for Spectrum’s services, you are automatically qualified for the Spectrum Payment Arrangement. All you have to do is opt for the “pay your bill” in installments option on the platform you use to send payments. Once this simple step has been taken, you’ll be enrolled in the program, and you can slowly pay off your bill without any worry.


Type of installment plans

Apart from giving customers the option to pay their bills in installments, Spectrum also offers two rather affordable plans that users can switch to at any time. These plans are:  

  1. Spectrum Mobile Item Payment Plan: When you opt for this plan, money is automatically taken from your account to pay your bill over a period of 24 months.
  2. Payment Deferral Plan:  If you prefer paying in fixed monthly installments, this is the plan for you.

There might also be a situation where you missed your bill payment just one time. In that case, you don’t have to opt for any plans instead, you can simply reach out to Spectrum by getting in touch with their customer care. Once the situation has been explained, you will most likely be offered a unique arrangement through which you’ll receive a reduction in late payment fees. 


Methods of payment by installment

In case you have opted for an installment payment plan or for an extension, the next question is about the payment method. Spectrum allows its users to pay through various portals:

  • The Spectrum digital portal/app
  • Through emails
  • Through a nearby Spectrum store
  • Through your bank digitally


Other things to keep in mind

Now that you are aware of the different ways you can get an extension on your Spectrum bills, keep the following rules in mind:

  • Spectrum waits for 30 days of a missed payment before imposing a late fee.
  • If you can’t pay within these 30 days, your services will be terminated. This is because of the temporary suspension of your subscription until you pay your bills.
  • Other than paying in installments, there might be a chance you need to rethink your subscription. In this case, you can opt for a more budget-friendly subscription plan.
  • Do you miss payments not because of a financial crunch but due to forgetfulness? Instead of looking for an extension every time, you can opt for a subscription with an automatic monthly payment!


How to manage future payments

In case you are facing an extension scenario quite frequently, it’s time to take some intelligent steps. For this, you can either change your subscription plan or figure out ways to reduce your bill amount. Some ways through which you can manage your payments are:

  • Try fulfilling all your internet requirements from a single service provider. In the case of bundling your services, internet companies often give reasonable discounts.
  • Keep checking from time to time to be aware of any special loyalty discounts.
  • Try switching your plan to a more efficient and suitable one for your needs. There is a chance you might be dealing with extra payments for services you don’t even use!
  • A lot of services are available over the internet (OTT) nowadays. It might be cheaper to switch to an internet-only subscription if your other requirements, like cable, etc., are not heavy.


Final thoughts

After you miss out on a bill payment, it is only natural for you to be worried and all over the place. But the best thing you can do is keep your mind calm and try to think of a solution. In the case of Spectrum, they have different plans that you can opt for as well as the possibility of extensions on your bill payment. So depending on your situation or needs, you can always find an option that can help you.

However, if you feel that Spectrum’s current plans can’t meet your requirement, the next best thing you can do is give them a call. The phone number for their customer care can be found on the internet, on their official app, or the installation guidebook. Just get in touch with Spectrum so that they can find the answers to your problems. 


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