How to Change My MetroPCSNumber?
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MetroPCS is an American company specialising in providing wireless service. T-Mobile US customers in metro areas can use the company’s 5G network to connect. T-Mobile renamed the service Metro. You can get dependable and cost-effective services on a large network if you use this service.

Unlimited nationwide data plans start at $50 per month for a single line. The charges of adding new lines will decrease for the same account. Regardless of the Sim Card or network used, activation is required the first time. This process is free of charge.


How Can I Change the MetroPCS Number?

You may change your phone number fast and easily with Metro PCS. There are no fees or charges for any of these methods. There is no price for these services.

In order to make adjustments, you can go to a merchant, use MetroPCS’ automated service, or call MetroPCS directly. Metro PCS will also move your number from a different wireless service provider at no cost to you. ‘

Change your phone number in a jiffy thanks to these simple techniques. Metro PCS, on the other hand, does not allow users to alter their phone number online at this time. Customer service, automated service, or a retail store can still be used to change a phone number.

If you have a phone service, automation, or a retail presence, you may easily modify or transfer your number in a matter of minutes.

Subscribers of Metro PCS can easily change their contact numbers. In fact, Metro PCS customers can choose from a variety of ways to change their phone number fast and conveniently. Restoring or changing your contact number is quick and easy with these few steps.

  • Call Metro PCS Customer Service

Customers of Metro PCS can request a change of phone number by calling the company’s customer care department. Selecting “0” will connect you to a customer service agent as soon as you place the call. The customer support agent will change your phone number for free after connecting with you and receiving your identifying account number and any other relevant information.

  • Metro PCS Outlet Visit

You can also visit a Metro PCS store to quickly change your Metro PCS phone number. Changing your account settings through Metro PCS will be as simple and quick as doing so through customer service, and you won’t even have to leave the store. The representative will simply ask you for your current phone number and account number, and he or she will make the necessary changes to give you a new number. Again, there is no price for using this service.

  • Use the Automated Service

Changing your phone number with Metro PCS is as simple as calling the company’s automated service. Simply dial Metro’s PC contact number and follow the automated instructions that will be provided to your phone. The automated menu will give you the option to alter your phone number. To change your phone number, select this option and follow the automated instructions.

  • Bring Another Number from a DIfferent Carrier to Metro PCS

If you’re moving to another provider, you can also change your phone number for free. To put it another way, if you’re currently with another carrier and want to switch to Metro PCS, you may. Metro PC makes it simple to switch service providers while letting you keep your existing phone number.


Free Activation of MetroPCS Phone on Mobile

There are two scenarios in which you will need to activate your MetroPCS service.

  • When you get a new cell phone, unless you’re keeping your old account, you’ll need to buy a new SIM card.
  • After purchasing a new smartphone, you can still use your existing account and SIM card.

Sign Up For New Account & Open MetroPCS for Free

You can activate your MetroPCS account in four ways, but you’ll need a new SIM card for your phone. You can activate the account through their website, a different phone, or on a desktop. To get your new account up and running, you can use any of the methods listed below.

Call 1-888-8Metro8 (188-863-8768)

  • Call the Metro 8 helpline at 1-888-8Metro8 (886-38768) from a different phone. You can’t do it from the phone you’re trying to set up.
  • Your name and address will be collected by a representative who will be there.
  • You must provide them with the MEID or ESN number for your phone activation. (As a nudge, the MEID or ESN can be seen beneath the phone’s battery.)
  • A customer service agent will now deliver you the programming and reactivation instructions. Please strictly heed the guidelines provided to finish the process.

Dial 228

  • In order to verify that the device is activated, dial 228 from your mobile.
  • You must type in an 8-digit pin as soon as the program asks for your address and name.
  • After this, your phone will be set up to generate a new account the first time you access it.
  • Your account will get activated once your first payment is done.

Enable Metro Phone through the MetroPCS website

  • To use the MetroPCS website, any internet browser on a Computer or smartphone will work. You can get a rough idea of how to activate it there.
  • Click on Activate Your Phone to open a new screen.
  • Ensure to keep all of the account holder’s security information and contact details.
  • You must heed the on-screen directions and input your phone’s model or serial number to enable it.

Visit the Service Station

Ultimately, you may use MetroPCS without spending a dime visiting a service place and activating it. For assistance, go to the closest shop or service center. An employee can assist you in activating your phone.


When You Have Your Account Enabled Already

What to do when we already have an active account? To activate the phone, all we have to do is swap out the SIM card. There are no extra steps or processes to follow in order to activate it. You can be sure that your service provider will be able to keep tabs on your device and add any new information.

  • Now is the time to update your SIM card and cell phone.
  • To remove the SIM on your new device, simply pull out the SIM tray.
  • Replace the old SIM with a MetroPCS SIM card to activate it.
  • Keep in mind to connect to the Internet before you start the process.
  • As a result, you can activate your MetroPCS phone for free in a variety of ways.


How to Activate a Metro PCS Phone

In order to make any call on your Metro PCS phone, an activation is needed. There are only a few steps to this procedure.

  • Unpack the Metro PCS phone. Check to see whether your mobile has enough juice in the battery, as it is essential to make the activation call and then reboot it to complete the process.
  • You can reach this number by dialing “*228” from your phone. If you follow the activation steps outlined above, a representative will call you.
  • Simply give the representative with the required details from your phone (phone number, model name, etc.) to establish or launch an account. Your personal and payment information may also be requested by the firm you deal with.
  • When activation is complete, inquire as to if there is a unique restart method you must follow. The steps differ depending upon the cell phone model.


How to Activate a MetroPCS Phone Yourself After a Month’s Use

MetroPCS provides a broad selection of phones to serve all customers, like smartphones and touchscreens with music players and texting capabilities. If you’re reactivating a phone that’s already been associated with MetroPCS service before, as opposed to activating it for the first time.

You can easily add a new phone to your existing account, start a brand-new one, or modify your current account’s phone number, no matter how old your original phone is or how long you’ve had it.

  • Do not use the phone you intend to activate when dialing 1-888-8-Metro-8. Ensure that the agent has your address, name, and phone’s ESN or MEID number written on the battery. An agent will explain to you how to reactivate and set up your phone.
  • Dial “*228.” from the mobile that you want to activate. When prompted by the system, enter an eight-digit code of your choice, along with your name and address. You will get a phone that has your information already programmed into it and for which an account will be created. Unfortunately, any smartphone (for example, a BlackBerry) is not eligible for this reactivation method.
  • To begin using your new phone, go to MetroPCS’s website and follow the on-screen instructions (see Resources).In order to activate your account, click the “Activate” button and enter your personal details. This will include supplying your phone number and security details (such as serial and model numbers). If you need help finding this information, follow the on-screen instructions during the first setup process.


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