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Apple is officially retiring its iTunes Movie Trailers app and website. The news follows some indications spotted earlier in the said platforms, with Apple endorsing the Apple TV app as “the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers.”

The discontinuation process of the iTunes Movie Trailers app and the website was first spotted by users in early August. The Cupertino giant finalized the move through an update to the app on Thursday, completely disabling the platforms and providing the same earlier endorsement for the Apple TV app.

Apple TV app is the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers. Open the Apple TV app to watch trailers.

The notice is now posted on the App Store for the app, which is now unavailable for download and installation. Meanwhile, users who still have the app on their devices will notice the same notice on a splash screen when the app is updated. It will also include a blue button directing them to the “Movie and TV Trailers” section of the Apple TV app. Alternatively, you can see this section by going to the “Store” tab in the TV app and tapping the new “Watch the Latest Trailers” option.

On the other hand, accessing the link to the iTunes Movie Trailers website will no longer be possible. Despite having the original link, all users accessing the place will now be directly brought to the Apple TV website.

With all these things, it is indeed the time to say farewell to the classic Apple app some of us used to love.


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