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GoodNotes for sure is an interesting and note-worthy app to take notes in but the only drawback of using this app is that it is not available for Android users and thus, people like you and I are required to go for its alternatives. But don’t worry, here, we have got some really exciting GoodNotes alternatives that you can use on your Android device easily. Let’s begin reading the same-

How did we choose the top GoodNotes Alternatives?

Before you start finding the GoodNote alternative for your android device, it is vital to understand the idea behind it. It is always good to go to the roots before making a decision and thus, going through its features, different factors are a must as they play a major role in choosing the same. So let us go through the factors that we have witnessed before curating this GoodNotes alternative list- 

  • Display and UI- If we talk about an application that is important only when you want to take notes, what is the first thing you would go for? It’s the visibility. If the app has this clean display, it really works because all it needs is good and smart visibility. Also, the UI needs to be pretty easy. Note-taking is something that everyone would need irrespective of the fact if they’re technical or not. So to keep it uniform, it has to be pretty basic and simple. However, if you are not the one looking for simple UI, you can go for the tricky ones.
  • Editing tools- If your aim is just to note things for the sake of it, feel free to do it. However, if not, then there are plenty of other things as well that you may find important such as drawing, sketching, stylus, editing an image, adding a file, or any sort of media. If you want to have an app that has everything, go for the one that comes with maximum editing options such as paintbrushes, erasers, stylus, highlighters, clippers, adding link options and more. 
  • Backup options- What is the sense of adding things when you can not save them to a safer place? It is not a good idea to save everything to the app and rely on it. You need to see the backup options that the app comes with. If it syncs well with the cloud, it is a must-go one as you can then have fair access to your data on all your devices. But if not, then check where it syncs and if it does not, do not go for that.
  • Pricing- Pricing matters to an extent that it also becomes the deciding factor for many. If you are looking for an app that requires some spending to it, go for the good paid apps that we have listed below but if you are looking for a budget-friendly free option, we also have many. Also, remember that if you’re using a free option, you need to make sure that you’re okay with the ads as you will surely be seeing many.
  • Updates if available- Updates are something that every app has but you need to check how often it updates and what changes they bring to the app. If it is monotonous, there’s no sense. However, if they’re versatile about it, you surely can consider the app as an option as in future, you may get more and more features that you would like. 
  • PDF Annotation- So not every app has it but many do. There’s a thing called PDF annotation where you can import any PDF and make the editing to it through the app. Also, if not, then you can also merge two or more PDFs and edit. If you’re someone who keeps needing this PDF annotation feature, go for the one that comes with it.


Top 6 GoodNotes Alternatives for Android

Let’s get it started-

1- Microsoft OneNote 

Starting with the best, Microsoft has its own OneNote application designed for android users to take note of almost anything and everything. Features such as handwritten notes where you can actually write from hand or stylus and it will be converted into text, cloud sync so that you do not lose any of your data even when you’re using a new device, offline tasking which enables the users to be inaccessible without internet and still be able to work well, web clipper so that be it a text, an image or a page, you can clip and paste anything to your note will be given.

Other than that, it is also recommended for sketching purposes, text formatting, Unicode math support and more. To keep your content safe, you can also add a password as it is quite a password protected as well. Since it is available for free, you do not need to pay anything for the same.

Pros Cons 
  • It comes with most of the features.
  • No PDF annotation feature.
  • It is highly reliable as it is owned by Microsoft.


2- Google Keep

If we talk about legitimacy, Google Keep is no less than the above-given ones. It is Google’s own application that simplifies the process of noting things. Be it adding notes straight from your fingers or via stylus, the app is a must for everyone. Since it is owned by Google, you can easily use it on your android device and the best part?

It will be among those pre-installed apps only and thus, you will not be needed to download it any further. With the help of this application, features such as synchronization of data, working in dark mode, real-time working where multiple users can edit the note, reminders that can remind you of an occasion that you note down and synchronization with Google calendar will be accessible. Since it has the easiest UI available, you will never need help using the same. 

Pros Cons
  • Comes as a pre-installed application with limited features.
  • No advanced features included.
  • Straight-forward UI


3- NoteLedge

NoteLedge is the third one in the list that is not just compatible with android but also iOS and Windows devices easily. Here in this app, you can easily type anything you wish to and even can add images, videos and more to it. Since it supports most of the files, you will be able to insert any sort of media very efficiently.

If you’re a fan of handwritten notes, this will also work well as you can also have a lot of hand-writing moments here and if by any chance, you like sound notes, it will also be possible in this app. If you’re someone looking for a free and workable application, NoteLedge is the one you must go for. It also has this cloud synchronization so that you will not lose your data no matter what and over the top, if you want to add a video link, there’s an option to import an external video to it.

Pros Cons
  • Comes with the sound-to-text feature.
  • It is a little technical app for many.
  • It is compatible with most OS.


4- SimpleNote

SimpleNote is quite a self-introductory app where you can keep all your notes aesthetically organized. The pp itself is a very systematic and organized one where you can add some pretty and useful pictures and add some texts to it. It is available in android, iOS, Windows, Linux and even Mac.

Talking about the interface, it is a clean-looking app where you can find all the options pretty straight and if someone wants to use it for their business presentation, notable tasks and more, it is an apt one to look for. If we talk about the speed and how it works, it is a simple app that is extremely lightweight so you will not find an issue in using it. It never lags. For signing up, simply add all your details and complete the process.

If you wish to, you can also pin up the notes that you feel are important. Although it is allowed to use this application without signing up, if you register, you will be able to use the whole features of it which will be fun.

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with most of the OS.
  • It is pretty basic for advanced feature users. 
  • No lagging issues found till now.
  • It is completely free of cost.


5- Xournal++

Xournal is not new in the business but when we talk about Xournal++ to be specific, it may be a little new to hear. It is that GoodNotes alternative where you can not only note things but can also make a PDF out of them. 

If you’re someone a little technical, this one would suit you more as it supports Linux, Debian, macOS, Windows 10, Arch, Ubuntu, Suse and of course, Android. Like other names in the list, you can also write handwritten notes to it and convert them into text the process will be too quick as you will just have to draw as you write normally and the system will do the rest. Sync to cloud feature is what we do not find here but other than this, it is completely ad-free, it has this pressure sensitivity in which you will know the opacity of the letter that you’re writing, and the support for Latex so you can do the math easily.

It would be unfair to say that it works well for everyone as it may look a little too technical to a few and that is why it would be recommended to use this app only if you have a sound knowledge of a few technical aspects. 

Pros Cons
  • Great compatibility.
  • Too technical for most of the users.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Comes with math equation formulas as well.


6- Squid

Lastly, we have this only for an android alternative to GoodNotes called Squid. It is one of those simple and basic apps that you can use for noting down things. You will get all those school times memories of using multiple brushes, erasers, paint colours, pens, different fonts and more. Moreover, it also comes with a PDF notation so that you can also import a PDF of your choice and edit it easily through the app without needing anything outside of it. 

It comes in two versions, one is premium and the other one, of course, is free of charge. If you want to stay limited to the freemium version, you will have to be limited to the features as well, however, if you opt for the premium one, you will be getting those additional features for just $3 which isn’t very expensive for the value it provides. In addition, you can also combine two or more PDF, note some hand-written notes, sync it with the cloud and more. 

Pros Cons
  • PDF annotation feature.
  • It is not free of cost.
  • Merging two documents will be an additional feature.
  • Comes with all the basic features.


Wrapping up,

It was all about how you can find good GoodNotes alternatives for your android devices. We have tried including not just the apps but also the criteria which you can refer to for selecting an app that is appropriate for you. If you have any questions or suggestions with the same, please comment below and let us know. We are open to any feedback and complaints and of course, queries.



1- Is GoodNotes available for android?

No, unfortunately, GoodNotes is not available for android users and thus, you can try out these good alternatives of GoodNotes that are available for Android, iOS and other OS as well.

2- Is Google Keep better than OneNote?

It would be unfair to choose one among these two. However, if you’re looking for an app that comes with dozen of features, then going for OneNote would be a smart choice to make as Google Keep is limited to a few basic features and not the advanced ones. 

3- How to download Google Keep for Android?

You will not require to download Google Keep as on most devices, it comes as a pre-installed application so you just have to search for it on your device and it is good to go. However, it is subject to your model and thus, make sure you check it first.


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