Top 5 Olauncher Alternatives

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Did you just search for the term “Top Olauncher alternatives” and ended up landing here? Well, don’t be surprised as here, we are going to talk about the best android launchers that work like a magic for the customization of your device’s home screen.

Additionally, it has a lot to do with how it performs and if done rightly, it can for sure contribute to the overall functionality of your device. So if you’re also in a search of that one minimal look aesthetically correct Android launcher for your device, here’s the list that you must take a look at:


What to look for in an Android Launcher?

Having this question in mind that what exactly one should look for when it comes to finding an appropriate android launcher is a common question for all us. But to answer that, we have got some of the major points that can surely solve the issue for you by breaking it down. So let us talk about the factors on which you can decide the android launcher that suits you the most-

  • UI- If you’re using an Android launcher to keep your life easy and systematic, then the main thing that should be a concern for you is the interface of the application. If the UI is designed to be a friendly one, then you will easily be able to use it without needing any prior knowledge. However, if you’re looking for simple and straightforward customs such as making the category and simplifying the tasks, having a friendly UI will be a plus point for sure. 
  • Customizations-If your aim is to have more and more customizations to match your aesthetics, then you must look for the option that comes with maximum customization. In general, if you’re not looking for the basic but the advanced ones, you will have to look for those paid launchers which can offer you customizations in almost every category and widget. Such advanced launchers come with the features such as performance booster, app store, app suggestion and more.
  • Lightweight- If the purpose is to keep it easy and use it for ease, then going for a lightweight Android launcher will add so much value to it. Reason? Because it will not lag behind and can give your home screen an aesthetic appeal without making it feel heavy. It is always advisable to look for an application that comes with less weight and more features. If it is not too heavy, you will probably be able to use it fearlessly.
  • Price- It is entirely your choice whether to go for a free-of-cost Android launcher or a paid one. You can make a choice as per your requirements. If the requirement is to have a basic customization launcher at a moderate level, then going for the free ones would be beneficiary. However, if your requirement is to keep it too advanced and personalized, then going for the paid ones will work and also, and you can go for the plan that suits you more.


Best Olauncher Alternatives for Android users

Let us simply scroll down the list and see which one would you pick among the all-

1-Nova Launcher

Let us just admit the fact that no list of top Olauncher alternatives can be completed without mentioning Nova Launcher. It has been one of the best android launchers for a long. Thanks to its user-friendly UI and customisable feature which lets you customize everything such as your app drawer, icon size, style and more as per your requirement.

The minimal performance effect, heavily customizable UI, sleek look and amazing features make it worth it. It will be the easiest task to set your home screen customized as per your choice with this app and this is not going to impact the performance at all. If we dig inside the app, we will find that there are tons of colour themes, icon packs, animations, app drawer, page effect shortcuts and more available to the users.

And for the same, you will have to pay almost a $4.99 fee. If in case you wish to reset your phone and fear that all your customizations will be lost, don’t worry as you can take a backup of the same and save it. Now that it comes as a paid app, you will not have to bear the ads at all. 

Pros Cons
  • Comes with almost all the advanced features.
  • It is very pricy.
  • Comes with restoration and backup security.


2-Niagara Launcher

Although Niagara Launcher is quite a new name in the list, it is still a powerful one to use. With the help of this modern launcher, it will be at your fingertips to arrange all your apps and notifications customized and have no distractions.

If you do not want any disturbance, the app will work to filter out the notifications that are of no use and can also get your most used apps above over any random ones. Since the app itself comes with most of the features of filtering out random apps, you will not require any third-party tool for the same. You can find all your apps vertically and they can be scrolled as a list.

Other than that, you can also reply to messages without actually opening the app. In addition, you can also have the android 12’s colour, search bar, background and more. The app also supports embedded notifications, widgets and more. Now that the app is completely no-ad app, you can enjoy it without any disturbance and do all your customizations freely.

Pros Cons
  • No requirement of any third-party tool.
  • Limited features.
  • Apps can be vertically scrolled.
  • There will be no-ads in the app.


3-Microsoft Launcher

Another reputed name that is owned by Microsoft is this Microsoft Launcher which has customizations for almost every feature of your device. If you want to customize your app drawer, status bar visibility, icon size, icon shape, gesture or more of such detailing, then going for this launcher among all will be the best apt choice for you.

The idea behind this is to increase the productivity of the user and thus, they ensure to keep all the essential widgets in front. Moreover, you will also be getting various wallpapers to enhance the look, backup and restoration services, dark theme and more that can give a boost to the overall productivity of your device. If we talk about the major highlights, you must know that this app also offers a smart card option where monitoring your screen time usage, most often used apps, calendar, sticky notes and more will be accessible.

Over that, you would also be getting every single thing’s customization such as swiping or pinching customization. It overall works too well if you’re already into the Microsoft ecosystem and even if you’re not, it works well as an android launcher. 

Pros Cons
  • Highly reliable and trusted.
  • Works best only with the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Comes with a dark theme feature.
  • Enables the productivity level.


4-Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher as the name suggests is more inclined towards the approach of a smart way of using android devices. If you take a look at the app, you will find that they have arranged the apps in such a way that you do not need to hassle with finding an appropriate app for you for a task.

From your font style to the icon size, theme and more, everything can be customized easily. It will arrange all your apps as per your usage only but by dividing them per the categories such as games, media, settings, communication, internet and utilities. In every section, you will find a search button where you can look for the app you’re searching for.

Other than that, it also comes with this smart search bar option in which you can easily search anything and everything be it from your contact list, app store or from the internet. It has the premium version available in which you will be able to have more personal customizations as well. It surely comes with this minimalistic approach for keeping your device handy.

Pros Cons
  • Can be fully customized.
  • Too technical.
  • Does not take much RAM.
  • Affordable premium version.


5-AIO Launcher

AIO is comparatively a different android launcher than the rest of the names in the list. Here, you will get the screen with almost all the available important information such as notifications, most frequent apps, categories, mailbox, control panel, dialer and more and everything can be accessed with a click.

If you think all such information on a single screen will confuse you, don’t worry, as you will also get an option to search for anything and everything and the relevant answers will pop up on your screen. Although it is a free-of-cost application, you can also use its premium version where you will get more advanced features such as icon packs, android widget support, different themes, font size option and more.

It works in spartan format and ensures that you find all the required information in one place only. Information such as received calls, dialled calls, messages, upcoming events, system information, any available updates, emails and more will also be shown. In the nutshell, it is fair to say that this launcher app targets those who like too many customizations and not simple ones.

Pros Cons
  • Can have the alert of every incoming notification.
  • Not suitable for basic customizations.
  • Advanced customizations.


Wrapping up,

So these were the most appropriate Olauncher alternatives for people looking for android launchers. Since we understand how vital it is for your device’s performance and functionality to have a suitable launcher, we have tried including the options from every possible category. Be it finding a minimalistic one to a heavily customized launcher, you can find everything in the list itself. Please let us know if you have any questions or queries regarding the same. If yes, drop it in the comment section and we are happy to help.



1- Which is the best Android launcher for devices?

If we are talking about the best android launchers for phones, then it would hands down be the Nova launcher as it has been leading the industry for quite a long time and also, you can find all sorts of customizations in this app easily.

2- Which Android launcher uses the least RAM?

Although all the names we have mentioned are designed in a way that they do not require heavy RAM if you want to choose any, go between Nova or Smart launcher as they use the least amount of RAM out of all the given options.

3- Is the Niagara launcher better than Nova?

Although Niagara is comparatively a new name than Nova in the android launcher, it has all the functionalities and capabilities that are being offered by the Nova launcher and thus, it gives close competition to the Nova launcher for sure.

4- Which is the fastest Android launcher?

If you’re specifically talking about speed, then the fastest working Android launcher is Nova Launcher for sure. However, even if you’re trying others, it will also work efficiently.

5- Do launchers drain the battery?

It would be unfair to say that launchers drain batteries as most of the launchers do not leave any major impact on your battery health. However, if you’re using the one with live themes and graphics, it may be resource-intensive and can eat up your battery faster.


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