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Apple has updated its iCloud website, giving it a handful of improvements in its different sections. The update complements the features and enhancements Apple brought in iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma.

The update brings many general improvements to the iCloud website, alongside enhancements in the iCloud Mail, Calendar, Drive, Photos, Notes, and Reminders. One of the main highlights of the update is the new customization option in tiles, which now allows you to choose a photo, folder for Notes, mailbox for Mail, and more.

There are also new browser notifications and actions in tiles, Mail, Calendar, Drive, Photos, Notes, and Reminders.

Here is the complete changelog of the updates Apple has implemented on the website and its sections:


Customize What You See in Tiles. Choose a specific folder for Notes, a mailbox for Mail, display just your favorite Photos, and more. You can also configure your homepage to show multiple layouts of the same tile so you can see more content from your favorite apps. Access layout options in the menu in the lower-left corner of a tile.

Quick Actions From Tiles. Mark reminders as complete, flag an email, see a preview of a file in Drive, and more. Perform actions from tiles by hovering on content and selecting to reveal quick actions. If you’re on a touch device, swipe to the left.

Browser Notifications. Get notified of new email or event invitations and updates with browser notifications on a PC for Mail and Calendar. You can configure browser notifications in iCloud Settings on the web.

Updated Design. New design and layouts across Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Drive, and more.

iCloud Mail

Attach from iCloud. Attach photos and files to email messages directly from iCloud.

Undo Send. Easily unsend an email message that you just sent before it reaches the recipient’s inbox.

iCloud Calendar

Calendar Identity Control. Control the email address others see in event invitations and even use your Custom Email Domain to unite your Calendar and Mail identities. Manage it all from iCloud Calendar settings.

iCloud Drive

List View. Switch between viewing your files as icons or in as a list with the toggle in the upper left corner.

Preview Your Files. Press the Space bar after selecting a file or photo to get a quick preview before opening or downloading it. You can also access quick view through the options menu.

Access File Options. Easily access actions like renaming a file or downloading a copy through the options menu.

iCloud Photos

Memories. See your Memories and play them in a full-screen view by clicking on the memory.

Slideshow. To view your selection in a slideshow, select Play Slideshow from the menu in the upper right corner.


Linked Notes. Create links to other notes by typing >> or Command + K as a shortcut to add links while writing in your note.

Shared Folders. Collaborate with others on an entire folder of notes.

Enhanced Search. Use suggested search to refine your search against categories like shared notes, checklists, tags, and more.


Customize Your Reminders. Add dates, locations, flags, and more using the edit details button.


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