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Apple’s iOS 16.6 update is now available. Its main highlight is its handful of security fixes, but aside from them, Apple also included some minor changes to the update.

As we said before, there is nothing huge to expect about this update, despite being in beta test since May. Apple is reserving all the huge features and additions it is now concocting to the upcoming iOS 17 update in September. Yet, if you have already downloaded iOS 16.6, you might still notice some changes, though most of them are back-end improvements.

Nonetheless, here are the new things worth highlighting about the latest update:

  • Apple improved the overall connectivity of the system by updating the modem in iOS 16.6.
  • You should notice that your iPhone now has respective icons for devices recently released by Apple, including the Mac Studio and MacBook Air 15. These icons will appear in apps these devices support, such as Find My.
  • You will encounter a new iCloud for Windows security prompt, ensuring you are using the same network.
  • You may be prompted to add two-factor authentication when you visit your Home App. This will apply to certain devices in the Home App.
  • You’ll notice that Apple has updated some of the details and descriptions in the system and apps, like the Wallet app and Matter accessories section in the Home app. Other apps where these changes are also made include account recovery keys, Health, and more.
  • Unfortunately, the iOS 16.6 doesn’t seem to include the iMessage Contact Key Verification feature we reported in previous betas. On a positive note, you’ll likely get it in iOS 17 update in September.
  • Another downside of the new update is the presence of previous bugs reported, including the buggy Notification Center.
  • Some users are reporting that their battery life in iOS 16.6 has improved. It is not a full assurance that you will have a great battery life after installing this, but this should alleviate your battery issues compared to previous updates.

So far, those are the thing we have noticed in iOS 16.6. Have you spotted other details we’ve missed? Let us know in the comment section!


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