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Apple made a lot of improvements and changes in iOS 17 Beta 3, but it is still not flawless. As shared by Apple itself, a handful of issues remain in the latest beta.

The update comes the same week the public beta release of iOS 17 is expected. With this, public beta testers will likely receive the same beta number or build with the same improvements and issues. Fortunately, some of these known issues have workarounds.

Here are some of the known issues in iOS 17 Beta 3. For all the developer-focused problems, click here.


  • Devices with a large number of installed apps will display an Apple logo with progress bar for an extended period while the file system format is updated. This is a one-time migration when upgrading to iOS 17 beta for the first time.
  • MP3 files with malformed ID3 tags will fail to play.


  • VoiceOver might not speak predictive text in some text fields. 
  • After creating a Personal Voice, you might not be able to select this voice to use with Live Speech. 


  • With any Classroom class set up, the AirDrop browser on teacher and student devices will not show any device.


  • The AirPlay picker list might not populate, except for the current route. 
  • AirPlay mirroring isn’t currently available on iPad Pro (10.5-inch) or iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation). Using iPad as an extended display for a Mac might also be affected.


  • Press and Hold AirPods in Settings on iOS and macOS for AirPods will only save the noise control rotations on the local device.
  • FaceTime calls from iOS answered with macOS with AirPods stem might not able to mute.
  • Spotify App on macOS will automatically route audio from Spotify on iOS without playing audio.
  • AirPods color may be inverted in dark mode in the tutorial cards for Adaptive Audio. 

Apple Studio Display

  • Unplugging Apple Studio Display while playing audio might cause the display to continue looping the last second of audio. 

Assistive Access

  • While in a call, the End Call button might become inoperative.
  • When setting up Assistive Access with Calls set to receive calls from Selected Contacts, calls might not be received.

Car Key

  • Car keys shared from Android to iOS/watchOS cannot be added to Wallet app.


  • Following a short disconnection from CarPlay, Maps might present a blank map view while other information remains visible. This issue doesn’t affect Apple Maps in the CarPlay Dashboard. 
  • During navigation using Apple Maps, upcoming turn information might not be displayed correctly in the vehicle’s instrument cluster or heads-up display.
  • Missing progress bar progression on CarPlay Now Playing widget. 


  • iPad (6th generation) (Wi-Fi + Cellular) might display No Service after toggling Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data.

Center Stage

  • The user cannot disable Center Stage in Control Center for FaceTime when using an Apple Studio Display’s camera. This affects iPads without a front-facing Ultra Wide camera. 

Check In

  • If a Check In is set and the device goes offline, there might be inconsistency between what was requested to be shared with the Check In recipient and what is actually shared.
  • Siri announcements might repeat part of the incoming Check In notification.
  • The state might become disassociated, leaving a Live Activity visible after the session ends.
  • Check In isn’t currently available in China.

eSIM transfer

  • eSIM transfer using “Transfer From Nearby iPhone” between devices using different iCloud accounts, or devices without an iCloud account might fail. 

FaceTime on Apple TV

  • Duplicate participants might appear when moving a call from iPhone to Apple TV. 
  • FaceTime call might end suddenly within first minute.

Find My

  • Using Safety Check to stop item sharing might fail for users who are sharing more than one item in Find My.


  • Strokes drawn using Beta 2 might appear distorted when viewed on devices running Beta 1.
  • The Follow Me feature will only work when collaborators are on the same Beta version.

Health Clinical Vitals category room

  • Viewing any Clinical Vitals category rooms from Search has black background in Light mode, making some texts illegible. 

Health Medications

  • Follow up notifications might not display as expected and notifications might unexpectedly disappear from the lock screen. 
  • Previously archived medications might appear unexpecetedly in the active Medication Schedule section and also trigger reminders.
  • Users are not able to change the shape of an existing Medication.


  • Pairing the first Matter accessory in a new Home will fail when paired by selecting the accessory from the nearby accessories list. 
  • Existing Home Widget(s) will stop working when users update from Beta 1 to Beta 2 on iOS and macOS.

Home Widgets

  • Users might encounter an issue that results in their Home Widgets showing “No Accessories” even though they are configured properly. 
  • Accessory with multiple services configured are filtered out and not shown on the widget. 

Live Voicemail

  • Live Voicemail can’t be shared.
  • Voicemail notification sound will play even when the device is set to silent mode.

Lockdown Mode

  • If 2G cellular service (Settings > Cellular) is selected before enabling Lockdown Mode, it might not be disabled by Lockdown Mode on all cellular networks. 


  • Mail is unable to fetch new email from IMAP servers using the NAMESPACE extension.
  • When updating to Beta 3, mail will re-download emails again if an account exceeds 10000 messages.


  • iMessage apps might behave unexpectedly in landscape orientation.
  • The transcription for long audio messages is truncated without a way to expand and view the full transcription.
  • Stickers might disappear after a long press.
  • The Catch up affordance might display incorrectly.
  • Stickers sent to certain devices might appear at unexpected sizes. 
  • Unexpected visual artifacts might appear when the transcription is inserted while sending an audio message.


  • Some content may temporarily disappear from your note.


  • When a user clears their Significant Locations history, this change will not be immediately reflected in Photos and it could take up to a week or more for the change to be reflected. 
  • Time in Daylight is supported on Apple Watch Series 5 and later. However, when using a model of Apple Watch which doesn’t support Time in Daylight, the privacy toggle switch is still displayed even though toggling it has no effect. On Apple Watch, the toggle is located in Settings > Privacy & Security > Health > Time in Daylight. On iPhone, the toggle is located in Watch app > Privacy > Time in Daylight. 


  • When using iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro as continuity camera, gesture detection can stop working when center stage is enabled.
  • Reactions aren’t currently available when using video conferencing apps in Safari.


  • Safari might offer search suggestions while in Private Browsing by using an on-device model. The search terms are not sent from the device to a search provider.
  • Safari might quit unexpectedly when focusing the Smart Search field on iPhone in portrait orientation if a search hasn’t previously been done using the Smart Search field. 
  • Setting a profile color might not be reflected in the Start Page background. 
  • When creating a new Safari Profile, extensions might be unexpectedly turned on or off.
  • Separate Safari profiles might incorrectly display history results in the search UI from other profiles. 

Screen Time

  • Visiting Screen Time > Tapping “See All Activity” > Opening an app, website, or category from the “Most Used” list might lead to a ~25s hang before the usage report for the app, website, or category appears.
  • Screen Time usage and settings for App Limits, Always Allowed, and Downtime are lost after updating to iOS 17 beta.


  • In Settings > General > About, the available storage might be inconsistent with the storage usage reported in Settings > General > [iPhone, iPad] Storage. The storage usage reported in Settings > General > [iPhone, iPad] Storage is accurate.

Settings (Passcode)

  • When changing the device passcode, the “Passcode Options” link does not appear and the passcode cannot be changed from a numeric one to an alphanumeric one. 


  • Connecting SharePlay in-car sessions by scanning the QR code might not work.

Software Update

  • Certain 2017 model iPads may fail to update to iOS 17, and will revert back to the pre-existing starting OS.


  • If an app is deleted and its widget is in the StandBy widget stack, the deleted app widget isn’t removed.
  • Widgets in StandBy display content while in DownTime or when restricted by ScreenTime.
  • The brightness slider isn’t functional while in StandBy. 
  • While in red mode, Solar Clock isn’t legible. 
  • Widgets in the StandBy widget gallery might appear clipped.
  • Incoming call alerts aren’t visible while editing widgets in StandBy. 
  • Your device might become unresponsive while in StandBy. 

Video Effects

  • The Video Effects menu bar item might not appear for certain applications. 


  • Manually deleted voicemails might still appear on a paired Watch. 


  • The user will be unable to withdraw or transfer money to Apple Savings account, apply for Pay Later via wallet, transfer partial balances out of Apple Cash, and add money to transit passes.


  • Depth effect wallpapers on a 180 degree rotation might result in a distorted image.
  • Home Screen wallpapers might appear more dim than expected.
  • iPhone Home Screen Photo wallpaper might appear in the wrong orientation.
  • Wallpaper on iPad might display in the incorrect orientation. 
  • Under certain circumstances, images might show top level visual treatment. 
  • Images might show a black bar at the top when selected as part of the Smart Shuffle Photos poster. 


  • Wi-Fi might not connect automatically to known networks after updating to iOS 17 beta if the device isn’t passcode-protected and isn’t signed into iCloud.
  • While a Mac has active traffic via Wi-Fi, you might experience difficulty discovering and connecting to Continuity Camera. 


  • Dragging Lock Screen widgets to the Lock Screen widget area on iPad and iPhone might not work. 
  • Manually configured widgets might lose their configuration. 
  • It isn’t possible to use a trackpad to add widgets to a Lock Screen.


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