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In iOS 17, especially the new Beta 2 of the update, users should notice a more responsive and faster Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island is one of the biggest fascinating features of its current iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. With this, it is kind of disappointing that we didn’t see huge features or additions when Apple unveiled the iOS 17 beta. Nonetheless, testers report some speed improvements in the Dynamic Islad with the iOS 17 update.

In a recent tweet from iOS enthusiast @durreadan01 on Twitter, Dynamic Island can be seen performing faster and smoother. “Dynamic Island animations are noticeably faster in iOS 17,” @durreadan01 confirms.

Unfortunately, no other features and capabilities are added to Dynamic Island, aside from a few app integrations, such as Cardio workouts, AirDrop, Shazam, and a new Clock icon. 

On the other hand, while a more fluid Dynamic Island is great, some fans continue to express disappointment over the lack of new features in the section. Even more, some users are reporting seeing Dynamic Island on older iPhone models, which could further erode the reputation of the feature being exclusive to newer iPhone models.

Still, we’re hoping that Apple is just hiding some Dynamic Island surprises for the stable release of the iOS 17 update. Because if not, it just means that Apple has just wasted a unique feature that could help its future iPhone offerings continue to stand out from its competitors.


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