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Apple released the Developer Beta 6 and Public Beta 4 of iOS 17 this week. The 21A5312c release is part of Apple’s continuous work on the update, which it has to polish as its official release in September approaches. Here are some of the things you’ll notice in the latest beta releases of iOS 17:

  • The End Call button is back in the middle of the phone calling screen. It is important to note, nonetheless, that there are still six buttons on the screen. Instead of bringing back the seven buttons and giving the End Call button its original place (alone at the bottom of the screen), Apple moved it from the right (its position in the previous betas) to the center.
  • There is a new splash screen when you first open the Photos app, giving details about the things added. The Health and Freeform apps also have their own new splash screens.
  • Apple changed the details and hues of the design elements in the Health app again when you are logging your emotion or mood. 
  • In Settings> Display & Brightness, you’ll see that Apple has updated the wallpaper sample in the Appearance section. The model now shows the wallpapers dedicated to iOS 17 instead of the old ones in iOS 16.
  • Settings > Messages > iMessage Apps, the apps for Messages now have their own toggles to allow them to be enabled and disabled.
  • Long-pressing the + sign in Messages will instantly give you access to your camera images.
  • The Apple Pay Cash app is reportedly appearing in the Apple Wallet app of some testers in Europe. Unfortunately, the feature still seems not to be working properly, even for those who already have it.
  • The new beta also includes fixes for several known issues from different sections of the OS.
  • On the Recents page in the Phone app, swiping left to a number or call will now show an option to “Report Junk.”
  • There’s now the new “Wallpaper Extended” label when editing a wallpaper that is small and insufficient to cover your screen. When you pinch the image, you’ll notice that instead of seeing the end of the photo, you’ll see a smooth gradient fading to white. 


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