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Apple released the iOS 17 Beta 6 beta this week, and it should come with some minimal improvements and bug fixes. One of the highlights that you’ll easily notice from it, though, is the new position of the End Call button.

A week ago, different reports highlighted the reduction in the number of buttons on the calling screen. From seven in the iOS 16, the iOS 17 reduced it to 6, with the End Call button removed from the bottom of the screen and repositioned to a new place at the bottom right corner of the 2X3 layout of the buttons.

However, testers complained about this new arrangement in the previous betas, saying it caused confusion due to users’ muscle memory. It seems Apple has heard these complaints, pushing it to bring back the End Call button in the middle. It is important to note, nonetheless, that there are still six buttons on the screen. Instead of giving the End Call button its original place, Apple moved it from right to center.

What do you think of this new arrangement of buttons on your calling screen? Let us know in the comment section!


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