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Apple has released new betas of iOS 17 to testers, giving us the seventh developer beta and fifth public beta of the huge iPhone update.

Apple released the previous versions of the betas last week, but it is now rolling out new ones today. This indicates the company’s determination to polish the details of the update as its September release approaches. In the last betas, some UI improvements were spotted alongside some minor additions of features and controls. The same is expected in the new betas, which should also get some bug fixes. We will provide a separate article on the changes and improvements made in iOS 17’s Developer Beta 7 and Public Beta 5.

Meanwhile, here are the features iOS 17 is expected to sport in its final release next month:

Screen Distance prompt. iOS 17 will remind you when you are holding your iPhone too close to your eyes for a long period. This will be in the form of a prompt reading: “Keeping your iPhone at arm’s length can protect your eyesight.” Users can activate or deactivate the feature by going to Screen Time in the Settings app as long as it has Face ID.

Check In. The feature will alert your friends or loved ones that you got home safe after a trip or a drive. This will be accessible in the iMessage’s menu. Once selected, it will estimate the time (though you can adjust it) you need to arrive at a specific place (in this case, your home). It will also notify the recipients when you get home safely. However, if you don’t reach the place in time and forget to disable it, the recipient will be able to view your location (and so as your route and battery and signal level), which is great as it will alarm them in case something goes wrong.

Sensitive Content Warning. Your iPhone will soon warn you when you receive sensitive media, especially nudes. This will show a pop-up warning, giving you different action choices: view it, keep it hidden, or find “ways to get help.”

Better autocorrection. Apple said autocorrection in iOS 17 would be better as users could personalize them by training them using on-device machine learning (ML). This means your keyboard should learn your typing behavior, preventing it from suggesting unnecessary words like “ducking” when you want to cuss.

StandBy. After earlier reports, Apple confirmed the feature in the event. The idea behind the feature is to turn your iPhone into a smart home display when locked and placed horizontally. The information it will show will depend on the preferences of the iPhone owners, and it will employ the system’s widgets. 

For more information about these features, click here.


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