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Monday next week, Apple will release the official iOS 17 update to users. This ends months of preparations by the giant hat started in June, resulting in a series of betas being tested by developers and public testers.

Apple confirmed the news during the Apple Event and followed it with the release of iOS 17 Release Candidate (RC) to developers and public beta testers. The new release should now be much more stable than the former beta versions, as RC is usually offered prior to the rollout of the final version to the public. In case no flaws are spotted, this RC will be the one general users will receive next week.

Once available, it should bring every compatible device boatloads of new features and improvements we’ve reported before. Some of them include:

  • Check In. The feature will alert your friends or loved ones that you got home safe after a trip or a drive. This will be accessible in the iMessage’s menu. Once selected, it will estimate the time (though you can adjust it) you need to arrive at a specific place (in this case, your home). It will also notify the recipients when you get home safely. However, if you don’t reach the place in time and forget to disable it, the recipient will be able to view your location (and so as your route and battery and signal level), which is great as it will alarm them in case something goes wrong.
  • Sensitive Content Warning. Your iPhone will soon warn you when you receive sensitive media, especially nudes. This will show a pop-up warning, giving you different action choices: view it, keep it hidden, or find “ways to get help.”
  • StandBy. After earlier reports, Apple confirmed the feature in the event. The idea behind the feature is to turn your iPhone into a smart home display when locked and placed horizontally. The information it will show will depend on the preferences of the iPhone owners, and it will employ the system’s widgets. Some include the calendar, clock, reminders, alerts, and more. Nonetheless, Apple optimized the system widgets to make their information more glanceable even when the phone is docked on the table or anywhere in the room.
  • NameDrop. Building on Apple’s AirDrop capability, NameDrop will allow users to use a new gesture to trigger a sharing action of contact information. This will enable an easier and more convenient way of sharing your details, especially when meeting several new people during events. AirDrop also has a new sharing gesture, which can be performed by holding the top of your iPhone close to another. This can be deactivated.
  • Contact Posters. iOS 17 users can customize the looks of their own contact cards or the cards that belong to other individuals in their Phone app. Contact Posters will give iOS 17 users a set of tools that they can use to customize (or, basically, edit) the appearance of their contact cards. This will allow users to change the contact’s image effects, the name’s font style, and even the image’s background.

For full compatibility details of iOS 17, click here.


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