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A new report reveals that Apple has a huge plan for Siri in its iOS 18 update next year. The Information said it will get a significant integration with Shortcuts, allowing users to use the voice assistant to automate complex actions.

According to the report, this will be possible through Apple’s current AI efforts and investments, which will bring new language models to Siri. In an example shared by the online media outlet, users can ask Siri to take a series of photos, transform them into GIFs, and even send them to contacts.

The integration will be an interesting move since the Shortcuts tool is already one of the most-loved features of iOS. For the uninitiated, it allows the manual programming of apps to perform a series of actions. If Apple will indeed bring this to Siri, the voice assistant might get a huge upgrade, which will help it gain an edge in the AI era.

The revelation is part of the report’s coverage of its conversational AI initiatives and projects. This affirms past reports of Apple working on its own AI creation to allow it to better compete with its rival big techs. Nonetheless, the inclusion of Siri in this plan is huge news as it is currently a few steps behind its competitors, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


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