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Apple’s Crash Detection feature has saved another iPhone 14 user in Australia in a car crash accident. The user, channy-b on Reddit, shared how the device called for emergency responders and the listed emergency contacts right after the accident in Australia.

“No idea how severe a crash would have to be to alert emergency services, but I was airborne and flipped,” the user shared. “It called 000 while I was unconscious and texted my emergency contacts my location: alerting them that I’d been in a car crash. It continued to notify them of my location while in the helicopter and when I arrived at the hospital. Seriously took the pressure off of the public first responders who were able to check if I was in any further danger from my vehicle and were able to check I was alive. My Mum, who lives a couple hours away from me, was headed towards the crash and then was able to continue driving to the hospital once my phone had notified her of my new location.”

The user also shared how the Apple Watch helped reassure that all the necessary contacts had been called. “I was just in awe of how incredible technology is now,” channy-b added. “As a young, fit and healthy person, I just never thought I’d utilise this feature, but of course, it can happen to anyone.”

Other participants in the conversation also shared the same experience, though not to the same degree. One user shared how the feature was triggered after a minor car bumping incident, with another getting the Crash Detection notification during a bike crash.

“I crashed when riding my mountain bike a few days back,” shared one user. “My Apple Watch immediately asked me if my emergency contact should be notified. I luckily didn’t need it but I was pleasantly surprised how fast it responded.”

However, while the sensitivity of the feature ensures a quick reaction from the device, others pointed out how Crash Detection is sometimes unnecessary. One user shared how it was easily triggered during a hike and sitting to rest, while another user said to have the notification after a fall over a small step. This, nonetheless, is not surprising as emergency responders in past reports also shared the same thing.

Weeks ago, Dickson County first responders expressed concern over iPhone and Apple Watch false crash alarms. The team’s Public Education Officer, Toni Calhoun, said they received an average of one to two false alarms a week due to accidental drops of devices that support the feature. The same thing was experienced by first responders in Manchester, Tennessee, who reported a 5x increase in Apple’s Crash Detection false alarms in this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The false alarms were reportedly triggered when the festival participants danced during the live performances. 

Despite this, Apple still believes the feature will be an invaluable resource for first responders and other users in the future, adding that crash detection tech is always evolving, and its developments are constantly being introduced in its products. In hopes of further promoting the Crash Detection feature, the Cupertino company also released a recent ad campaign on YouTube, highlighting its ability to “sense a severe car crash and automatically call 911.”


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