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A new video claiming to feature the prototype of the iPhone 15 has been posted today. The video demonstrates all the rumored features of the new series, including the thinner bezel, resized Smart Island, USB-C port, Action Button, and more.

The video has been shared by Unbox Therapy channel on YouTube and its Twitter account today. The video is just one minute long, but it showcases all the features expected from the series.

To start, the demo stresses that the new model features a thinner bezel as it is placed beside the current iPhone 14 unit. The decrease in the bezel size can be easily spotted when the two are put side by side. Nonetheless, as the video shows, this is not the only thing reduced in the model. In the next few seconds, the demo also points out a shrunk Smart Island, much smaller than the model’s predecessor. This should make the screen area of the phone appear larger.

On the other hand, the video also confirms the arrival of the Action Button in iPhone 15. And as reported before, it stresses that the button will work like the one on the Apple Watch. Another thing flaunted in the video is the USB-C of the unit, which will replace the Apple Lightning port. It also adds that the volume button, which is currently separated in the current model, should now be merged. This will give users a longer button dedicated to the volume control of the iPhone 15. Ultimately, the channel notes that the iPhone 15 prototype sports a “brushed look,” suggesting the idea that it could be made out of titanium.

In the end, the demo indicates that the unit shown in the demo is the “iPhone 15 Ultra,” which will “maybe” be called the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


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