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Apple will reportedly make another improvement in its camera system for the iPhone 16 Pro. According to a recent report, the Cupertino giant will employ advanced glass molded lenses in the Telephoto lens, which could result in a thinner and lighter design and enhanced optical zoom magnification.

Economic Daily News shared the details, saying that Apple suppliers are now preparing for the 2024 smartphone lineup of the company. Supporting this is a recent visit an Apple representative made to the Japanese optical company HOYA, which claims that it “has established the unique technology that produces a large amount of highly accurate aspherical glass molded lenses.” Largan Precision is also expected to take part in the lens supply for Apple, but the new glass will reportedly be limited to the Telephoto lens due to the complexity of the production.

The plan complements previous reports stating that the iPhone 16 will be bigger. This should give Apple more internal space to explore, possibly leading to other component improvements, including the camera system. If pushed, this could also help Apple aim for the rumored “super” telephoto lens in iPhone 16.

Unfortunately, adopting the improved glass will allegedly increase the cost Apple has to spend for production, leading to the possibility of an iPhone 16 price hike. This is not surprising, nonetheless, as a recent report suggested the possibility. According to media outlet Nikkei, while Apple fears the hike could affect its sales, it would experience consequences if it continues to prevent an actual price increase, like what it did with this year’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. That would be true, especially if the company would introduce bigger hardware upgrades for the iPhone 16 lineup.

“The pricing decisions seem to suggest that Apple’s management is cautious about price increases that might impact sales,” the report notes. “However, if Apple continues to forgo passing on increased costs to consumers, the company’s bottom line will eventually take a hit. Fomalhaut CEO Kashio says Apple might try to raise prices next year with models other than the Pro Max. Some 11 months from now, when Apple unveils the iPhone 16 series, more focus than ever before will likely zero in on the tech giant’s pricing strategy.”


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