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The Chinese market experienced a 7.3% YoY decline in overall smartphone shipments during the year’s second quarter. Nonetheless, according to a report from International Data Corp., this didn’t stop Apple from obtaining a 6.1% YOY growth for its iPhone market share in the country.

As per IDC, Apple’s Chinese smartphone market share jumped from 14.1% in Q2 2022 to 15.3% in Q2 2023. This is huge news for Apple since the Chinese market is one of the company’s biggest iPhone markets next to the UK and Japan, with US and India following China.

Apple is one of the brands that only received positive growth in the Chinese market during the timeframe. However, Apple’s forward move is comparatively less significant compared to Huawei, which obtained a whopping 71.6% growth in Q2 2023.

StatCounter data Chinese mobile market shares July 2023

According to the latest Stat Counter data, the two brands are in tight competition in the Chinese mobile market. Currently, the market is dominated by unknown brands at 26.67%, but Huawei and Apple own huge shares in general. The data shows that Huawei owns a 24.57% share of the mobile market in China, while Apple has 20.4%. There’s a possibility, however, that Apple’s share in the country could witness more growth in the future.

Previous reports show that the Cupertino company is now embracing other marketing strategies in the Chinese market, starting with online livestreaming. In May, the brand conducted its show in China featuring its tech experts, and it reportedly led to success, hitting 300,000 likes and over 1.3 million viewers in just an hour. The company also recently entered China’s super-app WeChat, allowing it to better expand its current online reach to its Chinese customers.


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