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After August 15, you will no longer be able to use Mozilla’s Pocket for Mac app, which allows the saving of online articles for later use. With this, the Firefox parent persuades users to move to the iOS version of the read-it-later app, the Pocket iOS.

It is important to note, however, that the iOS app requires Apple Silicon or those Mac models that arrived in late 2020 and later. Apparently, this means a downside for Apple customers who are still using the old models of Macs.

On a positive note, Mozilla stresses that current customers who won’t be able to install the Pocket iOS on their Macs can still opt for the dedicated version of the app for the web and iPhones and iPads. The company also promises that the new move will allow it to better promote consistency of the app experience across different devices and platforms.

“We are creating a more consistent user experience across mobile and web, making it easier for you to discover, save and access your content on any device, at any time,” the company explains the move.

Aside from this, Mozilla also reminded everyone that by August 15, it will require all users to log in with a Firefox account. The Pocket transition to Firefox accounts started on July 11.

“For those who enjoy logging into Pocket via Google or Apple, you’ll still benefit from the enhanced security that’s enabled by having Pocket backed by Firefox accounts,” it adds. “By using a Firefox account to access Pocket in any browser or mobile device, you will benefit from Mozilla’s privacy policy which always puts the user first. Users will continue to be able to log into Pocket via Apple ID or Google sign in, powered by their existing (or new) Firefox account.”


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