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Fights between big companies are not new. They are also often hilarious, especially when they bring the war into ad campaigns. Today, it is between Apple and Google, with the latter making fun of the former’s current iPhone 14 flagship in its five new Pixel ad videos.

The videos show the two phones talking with each other as “friends.” The two discuss different topics, but everything comes down to praising Pixel’s features and capabilities. One includes Apple’s controversial blue and green iMessage bubbles, which the ad suggests are all the iPhone models have to show.

The exchanges also tap Google Pixel’s “so sharp” photos, with the Pixel phone pathetically saying it could unblur iPhone’s photos without telling anyone. In response, iPhone admits being jealous of the Pixel phone for not being able to do the things it can, including AI. To recall, Google announced a slew of AI creations during its I/O 2023 conference. Some of them are already being rolled out to some of its products and services, allowing Google to be a few steps ahead in the section. However, Apple is also reportedly working on its AI creations, but the details are scarce on where it plans to use it.

In other videos, the campaign continues to highlight iPhone as an oblivious character with less superior security, camera system, and battery (which even shows the Pixel phone sharing its battery with a dead iPhone via the wireless Battery Share charging feature). Ultimately, Google showcases its new Pixel Fold model.

The five clips are undeniably funny. And although they are obviously meant to uplift Pixels and bring down iPhones, the entire ad is a good wake-up message for Apple about what it should catch up on. Nonetheless, it is important to note that there are reports and rumors suggesting that Apple is already working on some of them, including a foldable iPhone. 

There are also still a lot of things that are expected to be revealed about the company’s upcoming iPhone 15 line, especially its iPhone 16. Additionally, more features are coming to newer iPhone models as Apple continues to polish its iOS 17 update.

Google hopes to make a dent in Apple’s supremacy in the smartphone market, which explains the ad’s persistent highlight of Pixel’s features and unique capabilities. However, the search giant still struggles to pull the crowd to its side, with the public continuously showing loyalty to the Cupertino-based company. Interestingly, a new report shows that even if Apple now offers newer iPhone models, its iPhone 11 lineup continues to gain fame among customers, proving Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market despite lacking other advanced features found in its rivals.


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