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The iPhone 15 event is approaching, and Apple is already preparing the materials it needs next month. That includes the new Guided Tour video for its iPhone 15 series and a post from a creator in Mexico reveals that the Cupertino giant is already filming it.

For the past two years, Apple has been giving us a Guided Tour video to showcase the capabilities of its new iPhone models. It started in 2021 with the iPhone 13, which was filmed in Los Angeles. It was followed in 2022 with a Guided Tour of the iPhone 14 in New York. What’s distinctive about both videos in the last two years is Apple using the same actor with distinguishing blue Apple long sleeves while demonstrating the power of iPhone smartphones. Now, it seems that specific actor is back to film iPhone 15’s Guided Tour.

As shared by creator Cris Martínez, the actor was seen being filmed in front of Apple’s Antara store in Mexico City on August 4. And while some might argue that it is just some of the actor’s possible side gigs, the blue clothing with an iPhone logo says otherwise. And given that the iPhone 15 event is just weeks away, it is hard to deny that the filming has nothing to do with the new iPhone 15 line.

Not a single iPhone 15 unit was spotted during the filming, unfortunately, but this is kind of expected as Apple continues to do its best to hide the models away from the public’s eye as much as it can. Nonetheless, we are just weeks away from seeing it alongside the new film boasting its capabilities and features while being demonstrated by the actor seen in the post.


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