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The iPhone 15 series is coming next month, but it won’t stop Apple from promoting its current line, which includes the iPhone 14 Pro.

In the past months, Apple only highlighted the model’s video capabilities in its ads, but it is going beyond that now. In a new clip posted on YouTube, the Cupertino giant collaborated with the canine 3D prosthetic printing company 3DPets and showed how the latter is leveraging the iPhone 14 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner and TrueDepth camera to help pets with limb deformities.

Titled “The Invincibles,” the ad follows the story of a dog named Trip, who got his leg amputated due to deformity issues. The operation, unfortunately, affected the dog’s life, leading to a need for a prosthesis that 3DPet produced.

3DPets shared the process of how they created the customized prosthesis for Trip using iPhone 14 Pro’s LiDAR Scanner and TrueDepth camera. The features were used to scan and build the 3D model of the dog’s body, allowing the team to measure and design the prosthesis Trip specifically needed. The result shows a prosthesis for Trip, allowing the dog to walk and run. The video also shared 3DPet’s other projects with other pets that received their own prosthetics specifically designed for them with the aid of iPhone 14 Pro’s features.

The video is the perfect ad for Apple, which featured not only the iPhone 14 Pro’s unmatched video filming capability (as the entire clip was shot using the device) but also its other handy features. The new video joins the other clips Apple has for its “Shot on ‌iPhone‌” series, including the video clips “The Great Escape,” “Huracán Ramírez vs. La Piñata Enchilada,” and Korean girl group NewJeans’ new single “ETA.” Aside from the series focusing solely on the filming power of iPhone 14, Apple also released other ads in July boasting the line’s other features, such as its Crash Detection and long battery life.


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