How To View Your YouTube Comment History?
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Numbers on YouTube tab meaning?

Have you ever wondered, “Why is there a number on my YouTube tab?” or “What does that mean?” If this is the case, you’ll find this article of interest.

YouTube and Google are constantly updating their content. As a result, new alerts and features are frequently added to their platforms as a result of this. When it comes to notifications, some are more obvious than others. For example, having a number appear in your browser tab while watching YouTube might be quite noticeable.

So, what exactly does the number in parenthesis on YouTube imply, exactly? Is it possible that the number indicates that anything is wrong? Is this simply a feature to assist you in getting the most out of your video viewing experience?

On YouTube, the number in parentheses indicates that you have received notifications that you have not yet read or checked. The majority of the time, alerts are connected to comments, comment replies, or new uploads from channels that you have enabled post notifications for in your account settings.

Remember that YouTube notifications are updated with every page load, so make sure to keep that in mind. To illustrate this, if you see your notifications (which will cause the number to disappear), but then receive additional notifications after reloading the page, a new number will display.

The number that appears on the YouTube tab is the number of unread YouTube notifications that you presently have on your computer’s hard drive. When you receive a notification on YouTube, it will be displayed next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How To Get Rid Of Numbers In The YouTube Tab?

The YouTube tab in Chrome and Firefox has started to display numbers. Every day, new numbers are added in brackets. You may one day notice a (2) next to YouTube on your browser’s tab. It could be gone the next day, or it could have morphed into something else (5).

Users are baffled as to whether this is a bug in their browser or an issue with an extension or add-on. Most of them don’t appear to understand the significance of the number. This is not a random number generated by your browser or an add-on. It’s a notification from YouTube itself. Here’s how to get rid of the YouTube tab’s annoying phone number.

Launch YouTube. See if the number appears in the tab after it has loaded. If it does, check the upper right corner of YouTube’s interface in order to find the answer. You’ll be able to view the badge on your profile. One of the icons next to it has an individual number badge.

Below is an attached screenshot showing what the numbers in the YouTube tab look like:

On the extreme right, of the search bar, before your profile badge, you will see a bell icon. This icon is used to show whether or not there are any new or unread alerts from YouTube. The badge will read 9+ if you have a lot of them. You can see how many unread YouTube notifications you have by looking at the number on the YouTube tab.

To remove the numbers from the tab, click on the bell icon (as seen in the image below):

Once you’ve clicked the bell symbol, the notification will disappear from the tab.

If you only want to remove the number from the YouTube tab, going through them isn’t essential. Close the window by clicking outside of it. The alerts will be marked as read and the number will be removed from the tab on YouTube.


The number on the notification tab will disappear if you dismiss the notifications. None of this will last long, however. The YouTube tab will show a number again if you have new notifications. It can’t be permanently disabled. An add-on that suppresses notifications in a specific tab might be available, but you’ll have to sacrifice notifications from other websites as well.

It’s also possible to disable them for all of YouTube’s channels and activities. Using this method is only effective if you find YouTube notifications to be a nuisance.


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