Does Facebook Messenger show active when you're not?
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Yes, Facebook Messenger does often show that you are active when you are not.

Very often, a self-evident cause of the problem is Another one of the reasons behind the problem could be that you simply left your Facebook Messenger app open on your phone while you are not using it. In that case, it is obvious for Facebook Messenger to show that you are active when you are not.

Another one of the reasons behind this is that the app is still running in the background consuming data (even if it is in small amounts), therefore showing that you are active.

Below we have discussed why Facebook Messenger says you’re active when you’re not and more that is relevant to the topic.


Why Does Facebook Messenger Say Active When I’m not Active in Messenger?

The Facebook Messenger App is distinct from the Facebook App. It is a free mobile messaging program that allows users to share photographs, videos, audio recordings, and group discussions in real-time. It is available for free download and may be used to connect with Facebook friends and family as well as phone contacts.

This App has been downloaded by a large number of new users. It has grown in popularity among teenagers. Many new and veteran users are familiar with the App’s functionality that displays their active status to other users. “Why does Facebook Messenger show I’m active while I’m not using Messenger?” is a query that most users ask these days. This has become a widespread problem among consumers.

There are various explanations for why the Messenger App displays the user’s status as active even when they are not using the app.

The following are some plausible explanations:

  • Even if you aren’t using the app, it may be collecting data in the background, which is why it has access to the internet and continues to show you as online even when you aren’t.
  • Even if you are not using the Messenger app when you receive a message or notice, the data will be processed as if you were.
  • Facebook and Messenger are two separate applications that share the same domain. These Apps are similar to two different portions of the same body. When other users check your profile, it will show you as “active some minutes ago…” if you are not physically using the Messenger App but are using the Facebook App and reading down the Feed or doing other activities on the App. Your phone and Facebook App occasionally share information about messages and other activities, giving the impression that you are online.
  • When you aren’t using any of the applications but are on your phone with your WIFI turned on, Facebook and Messenger will continue to sync for new activity on your Facebook circles, such as sending you notifications or new messages. This could also explain why you appear to be active even when you aren’t utilizing the Apps.
  • When you use the Facebook or Messenger apps on a device other than your phone, your status will still be active.
  • When you haven’t logged out of Facebook or Messenger on other devices, such as a desktop or mobile phone, but you have logged out of your cell phone, Facebook Messenger will continue to show you as active.
  • These are some of the reasons why the Facebook Messenger App shows you as active even when you aren’t using it.


Third-Party Tool or Apps

Many third-party programs and solutions have been developed to carry out this kind of task. You simply need to download and install these apps on your device, which can be any device. This software was created to assist you in doing this task. Fill in the essential information and follow the on-screen instructions.

How accurate is the Messenger Active Status?

The messenger’s active status is not all that accurate all the time. Thus, if you are relying on the same, it is time that you don’t. As we explained above, there are multiple reasons why Messenger might show that you are active even when you are not.

However, if you do not face the trouble of messenger showing that you are active when you are not, then it is possible that the Active Status is accurate to about 3-5 minutes since the user was last active on Messenger.

By this, we mean to say that if you went inactive on Messenger at 10:12 a.m., it is possible that Messenger’s Active Status will show you’re active for the next 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Change Settings in Facebook to Where You Don’t Show Up on Chat?

The default settings for Facebook Messenger show when you are online and accessible to connect with a coworker or friend. On their Facebook Messenger app or Facebook website, your connections see a green dot that signals you’re available, and you can check which of your connections are accessible to receive messages in real-time by looking for the green light next to their names. When you know someone is online and can see your message, it’s simple to interact with them in real-time.

You can hide the fact that you are online in the Messenger app and on the Facebook website, so other users won’t know you’re online.

You have more visibility options in the Facebook web version than in the app. You are not obligated to be active in conversation in any case. Regardless of your status, you can send and receive messages.

Removing the Green Dot on Facebook Messenger App

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone or tablet to turn off the green light on your mobile device. At the top of the open app, tap your profile image.

Scroll through the choices in the Settings menu until you find “Active Status” and tap it.

Select the dot or slider next to the text labeled “Show when you’re active”_ on the screen that opens to disable other users’ ability to see when you are active or recently active.

You will not be able to see when your friends are active or have recently been active, according to a popup box. To complete the procedure and remove the active status and green dots inside the Messenger app, select “Turn Off.” You can still communicate and view everyone in your chat list, but you won’t be able to know whether or not they are active.

When you switch off your active status in the Messenger app on your phone, it does not affect your active status on Facebook chat.

Change Messenger Settings in a Web Browser

Because Facebook Messenger is connected with Facebook as a whole and does not function as a standalone app, it appears differently in a web browser. A panel to the right of the main Facebook screen displays your conversation contacts. You can see a green dot next to each person on the list who is also online when you are online. You can still see their names and send them messages if you are inactive, but you won’t be able to see if they are online, and they won’t be able to see if you are online.

Scroll to the bottom of the list of chat contacts and click the gear Settings icon to turn off your active chat status. “Turn Off Active Status” is the option. In the popup box that appears, you can choose to “Turn off active status for all contacts,” “Turn off active status for all contacts except…”, or “Turn off active status for only some contacts…”

Your option has no bearing on your Messenger app’s active state. Each device must be configured separately.

From the main Messenger interface within Facebook, you can also toggle your active status on and off. To do so, go to the top of the Facebook screen and click the “Messages” icon to see a list of recent messages. Select “See All in Messenger” at the bottom of the list.

A list of recent messages appears on the left side of the screen that appears.

A wheel-shaped menu icon appears above this list. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu after clicking the symbol. The same “Show when you’re active” option as in the app appears in a pop-up. Toggle the slider to the right if you want to be active, and to the left, if you want to be inactive.


Wrapping Up

Because of a connection between two separate Apps and the way these apps work on your device, other devices, or other locations; or because you’re using one of the Apps among Facebook or Messenger. Even when you are not using Facebook Messenger, it appears that you are online. Users who wish to make their status inactive or don’t want other users to see them active or online can learn about the Facebook App feature that allows them to do so.

They can switch off the “Active status” option in any of the apps’ settings by searching for it. If you turn it off in one of the Apps and then use the other App where you haven’t turned it off, it will show you as active, thus it’s best to turn it off in both.


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