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A post by a leaker made the rounds online yesterday after it showed the new rumored branding Apple will use for its new iPhone cases. Unfortunately, as other leakers confirmed, the images are fake and photoshopped.

Leaker @duanrui1205 shared the images on Wednesday, showing the cases claimed to be for the iPhone 15 Pro Max model. The cases appear to be available in an assortment of colors, including black, pink, orange, brown, purple, blue, and more. What’s intriguing about them, however, is the “FineWoven” branding seemingly printed on their back. The name seems to follow Apple’s format in creating its brand names, where it omits the spaces to create a single word. The name also follows the earlier rumors about the details of the new materials Apple will use for the latest case, wherein it will reportedly have a “woven” feel.

Despite this, DuanRui expressed doubt over the images by saying that the items could be counterfeit products. (This is not surprising, nonetheless, as we reported earlier that third-party iPhone 15 cases are now widespread in China, though the iPhone 15 lineup is still unavailable.) And alas — other leakers followed this by affirming that the images are fake. @Brandon120hzz managed to quickly spot the flaw in the packaging. According to the account, the text description of the product written in Japanese reads that the material still refers to “high-quality leather” that is “similar to high-grade leather belt,” opposing the earlier reports that the case will now use a different material. Even Bloomberg’s reliable leaker, Mark Gurman, confirmed that Apple will indeed use “new materials” in a new report today, with earlier reports from others the cases will be made of unique fabric material. Moreover, the cases shared in the post seem to be different in texture from what leaker @MajinBuOfficial confidently shared earlier.

While all these things invalidate the authenticity of the cases (and the branding) in the images, it is not far from possible that Apple will indeed present us with a distinct brand name for its new iPhone cases. In that case, what do you think that brand name would be? Let us know in the comment section!


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