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This week, a rumor regarding the memory of the iPhone 15 surfaced. Shared by well-known Apple leaker Unknownz21 (@URedditor) on Twitter, the new line will reportedly feature 6GB RAM instead of the earlier rumored 8GB size. Despite this and having “only seen 6GB so far,” the leaker believes that a bigger RAM is not impossible. Now, it seems the leaker has a change of heart, saying that “everything points to” the 6GB RAM.

The claim contradicts earlier rumors that say the Pro models will have 8GB RAM. Unfortunately, while having a higher memory sounds good, @URedditor confidently shares that Apple will likely stick with 6GB RAM.

“These are the exact specs, unless there’s a newer revision of the A17 that I’m not aware of. It’s pretty unlikely, though,” the leaker tweets. “So yes – 6GB of RAM, everything points to that.”

On a positive note, @URedditor recently shared in an earlier tweet that the iPhone 15 Pro models will come with an A17 Bionic chip based on TSMC’s 3nm process. The well-known leaker further detailed the GPU core count of the chip, saying it will have a core increase, resulting in 6 GPU cores. The current A16 Bionic chip has a 6-core CPU and 5-core GPU, meaning the A17 chip should have a 6-core CPU and 6-core GPU. Its maximum clock speed could also reportedly reach up to 3.70 GHz, which is a huge bump from the 3.46GHz of the A16.


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