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Samsung has taken the side of Google in its fight to convince Apple to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) as the modern industry standard for messaging. In its ad, the South Korean company posted a short clip portraying a modern Romeo and Juliet story, with the former’s parents, Apple, being the antagonist.

The RCS campaign of Google is not new, but this goal continues with other giants taking sides. That includes Samsung. On YouTube, the company posted a low-cost ad generally made through simple recordings of Samsung’s Messages app. However, there’s a twist: it is a conversation between a modern Juliet and Romeo.

As expected, it is a scene involving Juliet’s parents meddling with the love story and the link between the two characters, which is exactly the idea Google and Samsung want to paint about the RCS issue. Ultimately, Samsung encourages its subscribers to “help Apple #GetTheMessage” and “don’t let Apple cost you love.”

As a brand using Android as its operating system for its devices, the move is expected from Samsung. With this, it joins Google’s continuous campaign to convince Apple to embrace RCS, which even led to the creation of a dedicated #GetTheMessage page.

“Texting between iPhones and Android phones feels like using tech from another era, because it is – Apple refuses to adopt modern texting standards. But it’s 2023, and texting shouldn’t feel like using a pager,” Google bluntly wrote on the page. “Apple downgrades texts between iPhones and Android phones into SMS and MMS, outdated tech from the 90s and 00s. But Apple can adopt RCS–the modern industry standard–for those texts instead. Solving the problem without changing iPhone-to-iPhone conversations, and making messaging better for everyone.”


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