Apple Nanjing East, Shanghai iPhone 15 launch
Apple Nanjing East, Shanghai

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Apple fans are not the only ones flocking to different Apple Store locations around the globe during the launch of the iPhone 15. In China, scalpers also see this event as a chance to profit.

This is not new, nonetheless, as scalpers are always on the scene whenever any new, highly-sought product launches. The presence of such individuals usually indicates a high demand for products. With this, it is interesting to see scalpers in China despite the ongoing effort of the government to deter its citizens from patronizing Apple products.

According to Bloomberg, scalpers are also joining typical buyers in lines in front of Apple stores in China. The outlet notes that scalpers are now profiting between 400 to 1,000 yuan, depending on the iPhone 15 models and storage they are offering.

There appeared to be fewer scalpers outside the Wangfujing store compared with previous Apple releases. One scalper asked for an additional 1,000 yuan (S$190) from a potential customer who wanted an iPhone 15 Pro.

Premiums asked by other scalpers were similarly modest. Another, selling an iPhone 15 Pro Max with one terabyte of storage, asked for an extra 800 yuan. The iPhone 15 Pro with 512 gigabytes ran only 400 yuan to 500 yuan extra.

In Shanghai, the scalpers were making modest profits too.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max in titanium or white runs about 800 yuan over Apple’s retail price, one scalper said. 

On the other hand, while scalpers are trying to benefit from the iPhone 15 launch, counterfeit sellers will find it harder to make sales this season due to Apple’s new authenticity mark in iPhone 15 boxes. The prints will appear on the back of the boxes when a UV light is used. Both the top and bottom parts of the package have them, with the iPhone logo and a QR code on top and another QR code at the bottom. Although counterfeit producers could copy the same marks in the future, it will help Apple discourage the sales of fake iPhone 15 models that are trying to take advantage of the iPhone 15 mania during its initial release.


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