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We have seen a lot of leaked USB-C photos before, but this one could finally confirm that iPhone 15 will indeed employ the universal charging system. In a recent post by the known leaker @MajinBuOfficial, new photos of USB-C components can be seen alongside some interesting details, including an iPhone logo imprinted on the material’s surface.

Other leakers have shared other photos of the alleged USB-C component for the iPhone 15 models before, but this one is probably the most promising one among all the leaks shared online. The post includes some close-up shots, giving us a view of details printed on the components, including a purported packaged chip.

“You can see the packaged chip on the iPhone 15 series,” the leaker’s tweet reads. “The model is 3LD3. Because it is a self-designed chip, the function cannot be judged by the model. Judging from the same type of plastic packaged chips in the past, it may be the setting of transmission encryption.”

This follows an earlier video leak showing a supposed iPhone 15 USB-C port test. According to leaker fix Apple, the material features a pm3003 power management IC chip with 15 pins. Chinese website IT Home, which first covered the leak, cited some forum users who explained that it is not an encryption chip but a power management integrated circuit from Qualcomm, which will allow the DC power supply adjustment. The report adds that the reason behind this is to discourage users from altering the third-party tail plug. Doing so will reportedly trigger a pop-up window prompt, indicating the presence of an ingenuine part.

What do you think of this new leak? Is it plausible enough to end the rumor regarding the USB-C rumor involving the iPhone 15 lineup? Let us know in the comment section!


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