Why Is Your TikTok in Landscape Mode on the iPad?

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Are you noticing that your iPad’s orientation suddenly switches to landscape mode when you play a video on TikTok? This is the latest feature introduced by the makers of this app to enhance your watching experience on iPad. 

It’s common for apps and devices to keep updating from time to time. Though most of the time, these updates are meant to improve the user’s experience, sometimes users can find them unusual. 

If your iPad switches to landscape mode when you open TikTok, you are not alone. It mostly happens if you have recently updated your iOS device or the app. This happens due to a recent update allowing the TikTok app on iOS devices to operate in landscape mode. 

But if you are not a huge fan of your screen turning sideways as you play videos on TikTok, unfortunately, there is no turning back for you.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know regarding your iPad switching to Landscape Mode while using TikTok. 


An Overview Of TikTok in Landscape Mode on the iPad 

If seeing your TikTok app appear in Landscape Mode on your iPad makes you worry that something might be wrong with your device, you can stop worrying now. 

This happens due to the latest upgrade to the app, making it appear horizontally on your iOS device. The update allowed users to view the TikTok videos on full screen for a better experience. 

One crucial thing about this update you need to be mindful of is that once you have updated the app or your iOS device, you can never turn TikTok back to portrait mode again. So, for users who enjoy the vertical orientation of videos, this might be a shock. 

Regardless of how you hold your iPad, i.e., the orientation it is switched to, the TikTok app will always open up in Landscape Mode. 

The app makers have not yet cleared out the reason for this update, but as far as the user’s response is concerned, it wasn’t a positive one. 

According to a report by a technical guru, around 59.8 percent of iPad owners in the market prefer using their devices in landscape mode. In comparison, the remaining 41.2 percent have an inclination toward portrait mode. 

But despite such a massive ratio of people supporting landscape mode orientation, most reviews were negative. 


What Did TikTok Look Like On iPad Before the Update? 

If you recently got an iPad and have no idea what TikTok would look like on this device before the upgrade appeared in the market, we have you covered. 

To understand the latest update making your TikTok app appear in landscape mode on your iPad better, it’s crucial to know how the app used to look before this update. 

Only then can you compare both orientations and decide for yourself the one you like the best. Before the update was introduced, TikTok used to appear in vertical or portrait mode on iPads. 

Also, users weren’t allowed to change the screen’s orientation while using TikTok, even if they had to use the keyboard. This indeed did limit the space they had to type captions and add hashtags to their posts. 

Additionally, the overall interface of the app and its aesthetics were too tacky that the app sometimes appeared fraudulent and looked nothing compared to the desktop and mobile versions of the application. 


Is It Possible To Use TikTok In Landscape Mode On a Mobile Phone? 

After the update release that made TikTop appear in landscape mode on iPads, many users started expecting the same update for mobile phones. 

If you are also wondering if that would be the case, we are here to answer all your concerns. Let’s assume for a while that TikTok releases this update for mobile phones too. 

Now imagine seeing your TikTok videos playing on your mobile phone in landscape mode. Wouldn’t it be hard to fit both the video and the interface elements, including the navigation bar and buttons on the top? 

Though mobile phones’ screens are getting larger over time, their screens aren’t too spacious to fit your TikTok videos in the horizontal direction. 

Owing to all these factors, it’s hard for the makers even to consider releasing this update on mobile phones. The buttons on the videos and the navigation bar wouldn’t be user-friendly, and it would be hard for you to use them precisely. 

Simply put, the main agenda behind this update, i.e., to improve user experience on the app, would not be achievable for users if the update is released on mobile phones. 


Does TikTok Support Videos In Landscape Mode? 

If you have been using TikTok for a while now, you must know that it doesn’t support landscape mode on most devices. But would that mean you won’t even be able to upload landscape videos on this app? 

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Though TikTok doesn’t allow videos to be played in landscape mode on most devices, it doesn’t block horizontal videos

Instead, the app blocks the rest of the screen with black bars so your video only covers the space that a usual portrait mode video will. This way, the aspect ratio of the landscape video will be reduced to match portrait mode without your video getting distorted. 

So, even if you have used an actual shooting camera to film your video or are filming it in landscape mode, there is no need for you to crop the video so it can be uploaded to TikTok. 


Conclusion – Why Is Your TikTok in Landscape Mode on the iPad?

We hope that all the misconceptions you previously had regarding the TikTok app appearing in landscape mode on your iPad are cleared now. 

We understand that this update can be a little weird for you initially, but once you get used to this orientation, it will start making sense. Until then, put your trust in us, and don’t worry about TikTok’s orientation on your iPad. 


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