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Verizon and AT&T are giving their customers more reasons to move out of their legacy plans after announcing another upcoming price increase in August. According to the announcements of the two carrier giants, the new price bump will push an additional $2.50 to $3/month per line in their respective plan offerings.

The hike follows the earlier hike imposed by the two carrier companies in May. However, after just a few months of the said increases, the two giants are set to push another weight on their customers’ shoulders next month.

Verizon started this by emailing its customers, mentioning a $3/month per line increase for its legacy unlimited phone plans. The company said the move will allow it “to continue improving our industry-leading mobile network and services.”

Meanwhile, AT&T also sent emails to its customers using its retired Unlimited Elite plan. It also detailed the change on its support page.

We’re increasing the monthly charge on our retired Unlimited Elite plan. This increase will allow us to continue to deliver the great wireless service you expect. You’ll see the price increase starting on your August bill.

  • Phone lines added before August 1, 2022, will increase by $2.50 per line.
  • Wearables, tablets, non-phone devices, and any lines added August 1, 2022 and after aren’t affected by this change.

In relation to these hikes, the two companies started pushing their new offerings in hopes of encouraging customers to leave their legacy plans. On its website, AT&T promoted “other options,” saying its Unlimited Your Way plan “provides the most value for your dollar.” On the other hand, Verizon put the spotlight on its new myPlan options “that may provide more value and flexibility.”

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