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Are you having trouble connecting your devices through the Smart Home Manager app? This guide will help you restore the connection and use your device correctly. 

AT&T is one of the largest telecom carriers in the states, providing users with telephone, internet, and television services across the country. Its Smart Home Manager app allows users to connect multiple home devices and control them from one centralized dashboard. With Smart Home Manager, you can modify wireless connections, monitor internet speed and usage, change account settings, and more. 

But the app experiences unexpected shutdowns or difficulties performing the required tasks every now and then. Here are some of the issues you might face:

  • The application fails to load
  • Internet connection problems
  • The app keeps crashing
  • One of your smart home devices is unable to connect
  • The app is unable to perform the tasks

If you are facing any of the abovementioned issues, keep reading further. I will walk you through some basic troubleshooting to fix your problem. But before we jump to solutions, let’s look at why you are facing the issue in the first place.


Smart Home Manager Not Working: Causes

It’s not easy to track down the exact reason behind the issue, but here are some common ones:

1. Outdated Version of the App/System Software

AT&T releases frequent updates for the Smart Home Manager application to fix the bugs that might prevent the app from working. The app might malfunction if you are using an outdated version.

The same goes for your phone’s software. Smartphone manufacturers bring monthly updates to keep up with the latest developments and rectify issues. Sometimes, an old software version may not be compatible with the app version you are using.  

2. Networking Issues

A faulty internet connection can also be the reason why the Smart Home Manager is not working. The app is designed to work only with the AT&T network and won’t respond otherwise. 

Many people use VPNs these days to connect to a remote network to access streaming services, restricted websites, and downloads. A virtual Private Network will shift your connection from the home network to a different virtual network which the Smart Home Manager app doesn’t support. 

3. App Server Issues

Sometimes, the problem is at AT&T’s end itself. In case the app servers are busy, the app may not respond. 

4. Incorrect Settings on Your Phone

Every application on your phone requires optimum settings and permissions to run. If your app is missing any of these, it will not work as it should. Also, the app collects a lot of temporary files in the cache to provide you with a quicker response time. But sometimes, the cache gets so cluttered it starts affecting the app’s performance. 

Other times, the wrong network settings may also prompt unexpected app behavior.


How to Fix AT&T Smart Home Manager Application?

Restart the wireless devices connected to your Smart Home Manager. According to some users, even a single malfunctioning device may disrupt the functioning of the entire Smart Home network at home. Rebooting will reset the connection. 

Switch off all the wireless devices and your smartphone and turn them back on after 10 seconds. Allow a few minutes for the devices to build a connection to the Smart Home Manager. Launch the app and check if you can control all the devices and settings. 

If this doesn’t help, attempt the following steps to get the app up and running


1. Update the Smart Home Manager

Download the latest version of Smart Home Manager. Go to the app store/Play Store on your smartphone and check for updates. After the installation is finished, restart your phone. 

  1. Check for the Software Update

The latest software/security patch update will install the missing features and files that may help with the issue with the app. To check for updates, take the following steps:

  • Launch the Setting menu by tapping on the gear icon.
  • Go to System ➡ Advanced ➡ System Update
  • Tap on Check for update
  • Apple users can download the latest updates from Settings ➡ General ➡ Software Update

The device will check if there is any update available for your smartphone. Insta; the update and try to connect the devices through Smart Home Manager. 


3. Uninstall/disable the VPN

If you have any VPN application on your device, you need to uninstall it. You can also disable or Force stop the application from the settings menu. Simply long-tap on the VPN app and drag it to Uninstall. On apple devices, you need to tap on the ✖ icon that appears on the app after long-pressing. 

If you need a VPN to watch Netflix or access some critical website, you can disable it from the App settings menu. 


4. Modify App and Network Settings

A cluttered cache memory can affect the app’s performance. To clear the app memory, take the following steps:

  • Go to Settings ➡ Apps & notifications ➡ App Info.
  • Scroll down to Smart Home Manager and tap on it. 
  • Tap on Storage & cache and then on CLEAR CACHE
  • iPhone users must delete and reinstall the app to clear the cache memory.

Insufficient app permissions may interrupt the functioning as well. To check for permissions on your Android device, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings ➡ Apps & notifications ➡ App Info.
  • Tap on Smart Home Manager and select Permissions.
  • Give all the permissions to the app and restart the phone. 

Sometimes, the app will start working after you force stop. Follow the same step mentioned below and tap on Smart Home Manager from the list. Tap on FORCE STOP. Relaunch the app and check if you can perform the desired tasks.


5. Reboot Your Modem/Router

If your issue is caused by a poor network connection, a quick reboot of your wireless router might help. It will refresh the internet connection and remove possible connectivity errors by itself. 

All you have to do is turn off your modem and unplug it from the power source. Connect it after 15-20 seconds (after all the lights stop blinking) and check if Smart Home Manager is working fine. 

6. Reach Out to AT&T Care

Still not able to run the app? Connect to AT&T care and explain your concern in detail. The technical staff will guide you through the troubleshooting process on call. You can also request a technical visit from an AT&T expert to resolve your problem.


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