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AppleTrack has just posted a video of a concrete drop test between the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. Media outlet EIC Sam Kohl demonstrated the test involving up to 14 attempts of drops at different levels. In the end, however, the unofficial experiment shows that the iPhone 15 Pro is nowhere near the durability of its predecessor.

Kohl performed the test in front of the Sydney Opera House after purchasing brand-new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro units. The experiment then started at the waist level, resulting in instant chips at the edges of both models, although the chips on the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium frames were easily wiped off compared to its rival. The model, however, failed to impress as the test progressed.

By the ninth attempt in the test and after front- and back-facing drops, the iPhone 15 Pro started showing shatters in one corner. “The curved design made the glass come into contact with the ground way more than this flat edge,” Kohl observed. “There absolutely seems to be worse drop protection so far on the 15 Pro because of this curve. Although it’s more comfortable, it’s absolutely not as durable.”

By the 13th staircase drop, the iPhone 14 Pro remained almost flawless with no major cracks or shatters in the front and back, while the iPhone 15 Pro started showing white screen damage. The test ended with one last drop at over 20 feet, which ultimately damaged the iPhone 15 Pro. As shown in the video, while the iPhone 14 Pro finally experienced front and back cracks and still functioning, the iPhone 15 Pro was completely damaged. Aside from the white screen damage that spread to more areas, the iPhone 15 Pro’s entire camera island fell off.

Of course, and then again, the entire experiment is unofficial, and there’s the possibility that the two units tested experienced the impacts differently due to varying elements (e.g., how Kohl held both of them and whether they were actually dropped at the same exact heights). With this, it is hard to say that the test is enough to exactly measure the durability difference between the two models. Yet, given the boastful advertisement of Apple about the improvements of its new iPhone models, seeing how the iPhone 15 Pro performed in this test (regardless of the test being unofficial) is just disappointing.

Even more, it is not just limited to the durability of the iPhone 15’s body. As reported earlier, iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium frames are prone to extreme fingerprint smudges alongside permanent discoloration. According to the giant, “the oil from your skin might temporarily alter the color of the outside band,” though it added that “wiping your iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth will restore the original look.” That should be a relief, but for a premium smartphone, such an effort just to keep it in pristine condition sounds ridiculous.


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