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Repairability is becoming one of the essential things in devices nowadays, and Apple is one of the companies embracing this change. It seems the Cupertino giant will continue this in the iPhone 15 line, with a new leak saying that the new smartphone’s SIM card slot will be integrated into the tail plug cable.

Famous leaker @MajinBuOfficial shared some leaked photos of components believed to belong to iPhone 15. According to the leaker, the material is the Phone 15 series C port tail plug which now comes with an integrated SIM card slot.

Majin Bu notes that with the new arrangement, “changing the dual card [tray] may change the tail plug cable.” This might translate to a replacement cost increase for users, but AppleInsider stresses that this could also mean a simpler repair process since it drops the direct logic-board connection. It says:

…Third-party repair facilities and repair enthusiasts may have an easier time just swapping out the individual parts. This also may make it easier for third-party repair shops to convert eSIM devices to physical SIMs with less complexity.

It is important to note that the components shared in the leak are likely not for US Apple customers since the company has already embraced eSIM for its iPhone 14 lineup in the country in 2022. With this, it is highly likely that it would only affect iPhones outside the US.


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