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After fading into oblivion due to tons of other leaks and rumors, a new claim says Apple will use the Ultra label for its top-most model in the upcoming iPhone 15 brand in September.

The news about this is not new, as Bloomberg’s very own Mark Gurman claimed that Apple might really resort to the Ultra nickname for the biggest iPhone model in its new line. Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also mentioned the matter several times in different reports and posts. And given the credentials of the two, the probability of having the Ultra name for the most premium iPhone 15 model is extremely high. Now, AppleInsider’s Andrew O’Hara resurrected the topic, saying “multiple sources” told him that “Apple will indeed use the ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ monicker for the plus-sized Pro phone.”

The claim came after other indications that Apple might be really heading the said path. Aside from reports from Gurman and Kuo, posts from China showed iPhone 15 cases sporting Ultra branding in their packages. It was shared by famous leaker Majin Bu on X, stressing the cases are just clones. Nonetheless, given that many Chinese folks have access to the iPhone 15 production (and that most of the recent leaks have originated in China), it is highly likely that the cases’ details are accurate.


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