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Apple has recently sent new iPhone owners a survey asking them various questions. Many of the questions pertain to the purchase of the unit, but the most interesting section of the questionnaire is Apple’s direct query asking users the specific thing they would want to include or change in their iPhone 15 units.

The survey started days after the Cupertino giant started shipping the iPhone 15 models to customers who successfully placed pre-orders. This is one of the topics covered in the survey, which asks users about the iPhone model purchased, the carrier, and the camera system rating. It also inquires about users about what influenced their purchase of the specific model and the features they usually consider in buying devices.

In general, the entire survey is a way for Apple to further improve its marketing and product creations in the future. Nonetheless, this also reflects the giant’s awareness of the flaws of its new iPhone models, pushing it to ask iPhone 15 owners about the things they want to add or change in their handhelds:

What one thing, if anything, would you add to or change about your iPhone?

Be as specific and descriptive as possible

The survey’s release follows the emergence of different issues involving the new iPhone 15 models. First is the fragile glass users spotted in the iPhone 15 Pro models. In the past several days, different tests about this have been performed, with reviews claiming the problem probably has something to do with the curved edges and the titanium frame. The most recent review, on the other hand, says the removal of the metal plate in the back glass is the one to blame.

Many users have also recently reported a huge issue involving overheating iPhone 15 Pro models. The main assumption about this is the powerful performance of the A17 Pro chip, but supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shrugged aside this as a factor. Wall Street Journal then shared some details it gained from sources, saying Apple made thermal system design compromises that resulted in the problem. The report specifically points to the new logic board in the iPhone 15, which is now redesigned. According to WSJ, the new logic board in the iPhone 15 has removed the gap made by the now-removed SIM tray on iPhones, making heat dissipation an issue.

These issues will certainly be brought up in the survey. Yet, what do you think is the most important detail that Apple should focus on in your new iPhones? More specifically, what one thing, if anything, would you add to or change about your iPhone?


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